5 Things The iPad Mini Won’t Have!

ipad nano,ipad mini,7-inch apple ipad,ipad mini rumors,7-inch ipad,small ipad,mini ipad 2012,ipad nano launch,ipad nano release,ipad 3While my stance on whether or not Apple will be releasing an iPad mini next week has already been discussed, I can’t help but fan the flames of speculation just a little.

I’m pretty convinced that Apple won’t be releasing an iPad Mini later today when they unveil the latest and greatest iPad, however if hell does freeze over and a 7.85 inch iPad does emerge I’m positive it will lack:


An iPad Mini Will Not Have 3G/4G

There are people out there, you’ve seen them on the subway and out in the streets using 7 inch tablets as phones!

Everyone who sees them realizes just how stupid this fellow looks holding a slab of tablet to the side of his face, everyone that is expect the suave chap doing the slab handling!

Now, Apple aren’t vain enough to hold back a feature to keep us looking hip (are they?) but they are business minded enough to realize a 3G enabled 7 inch tablet, may well eat in to iPhone 4S sale and possibly even iPhone 5 sales!


apple ipad retina display,ipad march,new ipad,ipad 3 launchAn iPad Mini Won’t have a Retina Display

Apple are going to announce the current iPad, the iPad 2 as the new low cost Apple tablet model. It will probably only come in black and only 16GB (poss 8GB) storage option, and will likely retail for $399.

If Apple were to release a smaller iPad with 7.85 inch touch screen to compete with Amazon’s Kindle, and at the Kindle’s price point, they are NOT going to give it a Retina display.

A 7.85 inch iPad mini with Retina display would have the same resolution as the low cost iPad 2, and would cost less! Who would buy the iPad 2?

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apple ipad air mirroring,ipad mini air mirroring,ipad 3,apple event march,new ipadAn iPad Mini Wont Support Air Mirroring

Air Mirroring is one of the features which makes me want to dump my iPhone 4 for the 4S.

It allows iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners to mirror what they are doing on their TV via an Apple TV, which is great for showing photos, or playing multi-player games, but an iPad Mini won’t have this feature.

Again, due to the fact an iPad Mini would be aimed at the $299 price mark, it is unlikely to get features that both the iPhone 4 and iPod 4 don’t support, otherwise why would you buy these or even the iPad 2?


An iPad Mini Won’t Get Good Cameras!

The cameras on the iPad 2 are crap! The cameras on the iPod Touch 4 are crap, and the cameras on a low cost iPad mini will also be crap! That is, if Apple even decided to give a low cost 7.85 inch tablet a rear camera in the first place!


apple a5x,apple quad core cpu,ipad 3 cpu,ipad 3 a5x,ipad 3 leakAn iPad Mini Won’t get a Quad Core

An iPad mini would be nothing more than a mini iPad 2. The same features, but less screen size and a smaller battery!

It will likely get a Apple A5 Chip too, so it couldn’t out perform it’s larger, low cost sibling the iPad 2.

The A5 would also help keep prices down, and also help keep battery life extended despite the smaller physical size of the battery cell that would sit inside.

What are your opinions on a iPad mini? Let us know in the comments section below!

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