China’s First Quad Core Android Tablet is a New iPad Knock Off

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Android tablets from local Chinese brands have been developing lightning fast over the past year the culmination of all that development being this awesome looking Quad Core Android tablet.

Before you even look at the specification you can instantly see that the company behind this model have been greatly influenced by Apple’s new iPad and have given their Android ICS tablet a very New iPad looking design.

Although obviously a New iPad knock off their are some differences between this Quad Core Android ICS tablet and the genuine iPad 3, non of them bad though!

This iPad 3 clone actually measures in at the same thickness as the last generation iPad 2 at only 9.7mm thick, which is slightly thinner than the New iPad.

There are more differences if you head to where the 30 pin dock connector would be too, but again for the good with the addition of a microSD card reader, mini USB, USB 2.0 and HDMI out!

Internally the CPU running the Android Ice-cream Sandwich OS is a Quad Core unit clocked at 1.2 GHZ, and there is a full 1GB of DDR3 RAM to keep things nice and smooth.

Screen wise you’re looking at a display similar to that found on the iPad and iPad 2, so a multi touch IPS screen measuring 9.7 inches.

Dual cameras finish the package off of this likely to be very popular Android 4.0 New iPad clone.

We have spoken to the factory and they are now preparing to send out samples to companies interested in purchasing test units, they also included that they have not yet set a retail price but we’re hoping for a price around the $280 mark.

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If you would like more details about this tablet and where you can order a sample then please contact us now.

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