Freebao is a Chinese Facebook Clone with hints of Twitter and Google Plus

There have been plenty of Chinese Facebook clones, Twitter knock off’s and Pinterest wannabes in China, but Freebao represent the first time aspects of all social sites have been worked in to one! and for the better!

I’m sure Gizchina regulars will know that I am not the most socially connected person on the planet, but I’m changing so subscribe to my RSS now (nudge, nudge wink wink!) and I’m not all that impressed by Google + or Weibo, however I have found a social network I do like.

Freebao is a Chinese social networking site aimed at Chinese and foreigners users joining and making friends, there are also a few enterprising business using the site for networking ala Linkedin.

I actually created the Gizchina Freebao account a few months ago but forgot about it until today when the Chinese Facebook clone sent me an email informing me I had 45 fans and 5 messages. Result!

So after a quick search to ensure this wasn’t a scam (I really had forgotten about this awesome social site) I headed over to the log in page!

 chinese facebook clone better than the real thing

Now, I am loathed to call Freebao a Chinese Facebook clone, but the similarities are unmistakable! The main page with map and login to the right is distinctly Facebook, and the ‘FB’ favicon is more than just a nod to Facebook!

chinese facebook clone freebao

Once in to your Freebao account the Facebook similarities end but are replaced with Twitter and Google + cues!

The navigation in the header of the site is very much like the one found on Twitter.

chinese facebook clone freebao

While the actual method of adding friends and workmates and sharing links and media through circles is far to similar to the way Google plus users make contacts and share information!

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Freebao: A Chinese Facebook Clone but better!


Freebao is still quite new but is gaining popularity, and with a newly released Android and iOS applications is likely to gather more interest, and I really like it!

Unlike Facebook, Freebao is simple to use and navigate the use of hash and @ tags make it easy for users to share posts and promote media and the Google Plus style circle keep everything nice and organized!

I will definitely be a frequent user of Freebao, follow me here, and I can only hope Freebao’s developers can make enough changes over time to prevent people looking at them as ‘Just another Chinese Facebook clone’ as they deserve much, much more.

Head over to Freebao now to set up a FREE account! and don’t forget to follow Gizchina!

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