How much for an iPhone 5 hands on? $8000 in China!

It looks like Chinese media outlets have taken a leaf from Gizmodo’s book and are paying serious money to get an iPhone 5 hands on! How much are they paying? try $8000!

Like are high-class hooker, Chinese technology reporters have been taking the iPhone 5 home for the night for a cool $8000 which is around 50,000 Yuan in China (the same price as a budget car or 2 years apartment rent!).

Apparently the back case of the iPhone 5, which shows are rather nice glossy finish to the top and bottom areas, the mini dock connector and the locations of the power button and volume toggle, and headphone jack has been doing the rounds in Shenzhen and has passed from one phone case maker to the other for $8000!

iphone 5 hands on china

For the price you get to hire the next generation iPhone rear case for 24 hours, to do with as you please (we assume) which I’m sure will include a lot of measuring and feverish case designing ready for the 12th September iPhone 5 launch!

iphone 5 hands on china

According to the photos the news outlet NetEase it wasn’t easy to get hold of the iPhone 5 rear panel even when offering to pay the 50,000 Yuan rental fee!

This leaked new iPhone case has been spreading throughout the Shenzhen iPhone case industry for some time, and taking a peek at it will cost you money. If you want to take it away for 24 hours, it will cost you nearly 50,000 Chinese yuan,

So if you’re reading Gizmodo writers we suggest you offer a little extra to guarantee your 24 hour hands on!

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