Carpad F6 6 inch Phablet on sale with Note Style Stylus

Carpad were one of the original Chinese phablet makers to offer low-cost 6 inch Android devices with the popular MT6577 dual-core CPU. Now the company are offering low-cost bundles of the Carpad F6 which included a Galaxy Note style stylus.

Being the first on the market is extremely important in the Android phone and tablet market. Being first means you get all the media attention and all the cast from the early adopters hoping to be the first of their friends with the latest ‘must have item’, however it can also mean that your products has to put up with sub par components as technology tries to catch up!

This is the case of Chinese phablet brand Carpad, who have a very popular line of low-cost 6 inch phablet devices which are selling like crazy dspite the extremely poor screen resolution!

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Now Carpad are producing ‘value’ bundles of their most popular 6 inch phablet the Carpad F6 which even included a capacitive stylus allowing users to write notes or make doodles just as the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet and software allows.

There are currently 3 bundles to choose from with the lowest price option coming with the Carpad F6, battery + Kingston 8G TF card + data cable + screen protector + Stereo Talk headset + the back shell protective mesh cover + manual + certificate for 1299 Yuan ($205) while the most expensive bundle offers 2 Battery + Kingston 16G CLASS10 sd card + data cable + screen protector + stereo Talk headset + back to the shell protective mesh cover + manual + certificate + box + original leather case + bluetooth headset at  1,559 yuan ($525).

The bundles are available here on Taobao, some of which may also have stores on Aliexpress.

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