GooPhone announce $99 GooPad mini iPad mini clone

GooPhone announce $99 GooPad mini iPad mini clone


GooPhone made waves earlier this year when they announced they would sue Apple if the iPhone 5 launched as they claimed they own the rights to the new design now the cheeky brand are launching an iPad mini clone named the GooPad mini in time for Christmas!

The GooPad mini will share the same external appearance to the Apple tablet, but this iPad mini clone will get a larger 8 inch screen and lower $99 price tag!

The GooPad mini iPad mini clone is expected to launch in November, just in time for Christmas, and will feature a dual-core 1.4 Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM and 8 GB of built-in storage.

An 8 inch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution display takes up the front of the iPad mini clone along with a front 0.3 mega-pixel camera, while a 2 mega-pixel camera sits around the back.

Along with the body and design the OS of the iPad mini clone features an iOS6 style skin based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Other details include a slim aluminium body and Wi-Fi only connection but I suspect bluetooth, GPS and a micro USB plug and possibly SD card reader will be included.


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  • Billy

    wow i love goophone 😀 i like them because i hate apples overpriced crap! oh and how quick they get clones out

    • NoName

      This is too funny.
      You love them for shamelessly ripping of work. Well, that’s a matter of maturity maybe. Work a job and create your own content, then see it ripped off and tell me whether that is “cool”.

      Overpriced crap by Apple?
      Well, you see, the overpriced thing is something I won’t judge you for, although I think the value lies in the finish, polish and overall quality, I can see why with different priorities you say that they don’t meet your demands and that is absolutely fine and plausible.

      However, one thing had me go laugh way too hard.
      Apple produces CRAP? Now, that is new to me.
      Even if their products are crap, why do you fancy clones of crap?

      Literally speaking: Why is a copy of a piece of horse crap better or more appealing than the original crap?
      That is most interesting.

      Oh wait, that’s not hypocrisy, it’s actually immaturity again: “serves them right to be copied” right?
      I see, makes sense now at least.

      • Apple Foxconn worker – 8$ per ipad.

        Lol corporate police has arrived… every manufacturer please stop making phones rectangular and with round edges because you’re ripping Apple off. Make them triangular and with round buttons please or the face consequences of Mr. Corporate Apple fanboy.

      • SAm

        Last month in a party, I pulled out my white Goopad, my sister’s Goopad and a friend who had an Apple iPad also in white. We all put them on the table to let the Apple iPad owner pick first, It ended up the Apple iPad owner picked the Goopad. Becuase he couldn’t tell the difference of the outside.

        • Tigran

          Goopad is not out yet mate. Make a google search before telling a fake story.

          • Tigran

            Maybe i should do a google search first cause i just realised you were talking about the 9.7″ Goopad. Sorry mate :/

            • JJMartinez

              So any new updates regarding a new release date of the GooPad Mini???

            • Nope sorry

            • JJMartinez

              Thank you boss! you have a website so I can check for daily updates & will you be selling the GooPad Mini on your website when available??
              Thank you!

            • Nope I won’t be selling the GooPad Mini or any other device sorry

            • JJMartinez

              Ok great thank! Do you know a legit website for updates & to buy the GooPad Mini when it’s finally released??
              Thanks a lot!

      • Anony-Me

        Not a rip off at all. It is nothing close to an iPadMini – except for looks. The whole functioning part of it is different. Getting mad about this product is like getting mad about pitting a PC in a white /silver case because it looks like the box your Mac was sold to you in. They are nothing alike. Good for GooPad for making a conveniently-sized android tablet for a niche of the market that wants the size, quality, OS (not iOS), and especially the price they can offer. Can’t wait to find out where to buy one.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Am I the only one here that thinks we all have an addiction with clones, and not the genuine devices? I don’t know where this habit came from, but I can’t get of clones, im more excited about clones than the genuine devices, lol.

    • Francis.R.

      Agree!! I love HD7 clones, and before them the iphone clones, buy I don’t like so much the original. Suppose I love it because it has a pretty form but with my personal needs 😛 And of course is the fact that it’s strange pay a lot of money for articles that get old in just six or even less months. It’s different to buy good speakers or a powerful laptop.

      Although of course I feel guilty for the original design team :S

    • LucifeL

      U crazy…???

      I always go mad about clones… The thing about the chinese phones is that they are so hard to come by a the moment … and their accessories, harder still… That’s where the genius behind the clones really lies for me… World is still a pretty stupid place… the moment apple launches iphone 5 the markets startes to flood with accessories… i think if you are cool with he screen size then go for the clone and by the protective casing made of foam and shyte!! for your clone… 😛 its the best of both the worlds… I am still waiting for other quad cores… but it would be nice if they came with nice protective casings and stuff coz the last thing i want is to drop my quad core phone… 🙁

    • bls


      Agreed! Bring on the clones (the quality ones only)!

    • Fadli Saad

      Yeah same goes to me. for the last 5 month, I’ve bought 4 devices from China, 2 are clones. They run pretty well, but the stability is the main issue now. Both devices is now at China waiting for warranty.

      About the price, sometime it is too good to be true. My advice, if you bought these phone, don’t root it. It will behave strangely, and the developer support is scare.

  • robredz

    Looks like a bargain, shame it won’t get to the
    UK. I would love one

  • frink_gr

    i’ll consider buying one for Christmas…

  • sickgrinder

    Any info when this is going to be out?

  • claus due

    Love ’em. Can’t wait to buy the new goopad

  • JJMartinez

    When will this be available to buy online and where?? Thanks!

  • girish

    when it is available .and where can I buy it in India

  • Santi


  • JJMartinez

    Pls., any new updates with this GooPad Mini?? Thank you!!

  • SuperbSupra

    Aplle is OVERPRICED CRAP. It costs about $120 to make an iphone, then they sell it for about $500. Ik now it, i have worked at foxconn for a couple of months.

  • Ohh.. They announced this to be out in NOVEMBER!!

    Still NOWHERE they are available…

  • Annoymous

    I would rather have the real deal than a piece of crap clone!