50,000 Xiaomi M2 sold out in under 3 minutes!

Xiaomi, the masters of creating demand, have managed to sell 50,000 new quad-core Xiaomi M2 phones at today’s preorder, with the whole stock of M2’s going in under 3 minutes!

The quad-core Xiaomi M2 went on sale (pre-order) this morning starting at 1999 Yuan for the 16Gb model and rising to 2299 Yuan for the 32Gb version.

As is always the case with Xiaomi phones, we knew they would sell out but we didn’t quite realize just how fast they would manage to shift the 50,000 M2’s they had prepared!

According to the official Xiaomi fan pages M2 customers managed to buy the entire stock of phones in an amazing 2 minutes and 51 seconds!

For those of you (there will be a lot) who didn’t manage to get a Xiaomi M2 today, don’t worry as the plan to start the second pre-sale in November and hope to have as many as 250,000 phones available for the second round!


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