Ainol Novo 10 Hero 10.1 inch Jelly Bean tablet announced!

Ainol Novo 10 Hero 10.1 inch Jelly Bean tablet announced!


Chinese tablet brand Ainol have long been one of the better brands with its great range of 7 inch Android tablet which boast both high-end hardware and the latest Android OS. Ainol have now announced their first 10.1 inch tablet! Full details of the Ainol Novo 10 Hero Jelly Bean tablet after the jump!

The new Novo 10 series of tablet will debut later this month with the first device becoming available being the Ainol Novo 10 Hero a 10.1 inch tablet with Android Jelly Bean priced at 999 Yuan ($160).

Coming equipped with a 10. 1 inch 1280 x 720 resolution display, 1.5 Ghz dual core CPU, 1GB RAM along with front and rear cameras the Novo 10 Hero looks set to be a popular choice for those wanting a larger tablet.

Although the price is quite low, Ainol have managed to fit the latest Android flavor in their new tablet, in this case 4.1 Jelly Bean, along with an impressively large 8000mAh battery which is said to offer 8 hours of video playback.

aino novo 10 hero 10.1 inch android tablet

Ainol have also announced that they will launch the Ainol Novo 10 Hero II later in the year which will get a quad-core CPU and Android 4.1.1.

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  • plikmuny

    Andy, according to you which one do you think is the best among these 2 ?
    Ainol Hero 10.1″ or SmartQ T30 10.1″ tab ?
    i feel the latter is more powerful & has good battery life…. there are many many advantages of smartq t30 compared to ainol tabs… its clearly Smartq T30 who is the winner… what do you say ? you want me to post the reasons for it ?
    first i will wait for my post to appear which was posted 3 days ago…
    then i will update my comment…

    • From my experience Ainol tablets are a good bet.

  • Tony Wills

    Hey Andi do you know the price for the new Ainol Novo, do you think its a good buy? Please send the recommended price and the Release date of the new Oppo find 5 X909 and the price. One more thing will it be able to work on all networks of the world?.

    • Hi no I don’t know the prices yet. I’ve used a few Ainol tablet and they all seem good. Plus there seems to be a lot of support for them too on English forums. As for the Oppo Find 5 we will just have to wait and see 🙂

  • Randy Fabros

    yeah I heard about Ainol releasing some quad core devices, but they will be using Vivante GC series GPU’s which is a pretty poor GPU (mali and power SGX scores way better benchmarks). Thier CPU will be from a new player (action I think). So no one knows about how the performance of these CPU will be. So I wouldn’t be too excited of their quad core series.
    By the way Andi can you do more on tablets there is soo bloody many tablets in China it’s so hard to decide and has very little info can be found. I have been trying to find a tablet to use for work and it is so hard to decide.

    • Yep I will def do more tablets, but like you said there are millions of them and it’s hard to find some that really stand out to report on. I’ll try though:)

    • frink_gr

      The hardest part for me is to find a chinese tablet with 3d built-in… i think they are few

      • frink_gr


    • Jason

      ACTUALLY AINOL DITCHED THE GC1000 – I think that was from some early print material before Specs were finalized – they are going with a much better GPU

  • TC

    Great!! – one of the first places I see in the US that carries this product is — Can’t Wait! I get two for Holidays

    • Are they trustworthy? Looks like that site has been online for about a month…

      • Rod

        I bought three Novo 7 Flame through them for work last month – got tablets quick and they answered a few emaij questions right away

  • hunboy

    where you can order over $ 160??

  • William

    This site has got a coupon code that drops the price down another $10. It’s good for the 7″ version as well.

  • Andre

    I got my Hero yesterday, after used a little and turned off. When I turn on today it just shows the battery icon and if i keep power button pressed it turn on, but if I release it turn off again. Anyone knows how can I solve this?

    • Per, Norway
      • Andre

        Thanks, I managed to solve entering on recovery mode and flashing new official firmware, that intends to solve this and many other problems. Hope it solved my problem =)

        • Per, Norway

          Thats great. Yes I saw the changelog for the new firmware, pretty good improvements.

  • Lynn

    Hi Andi, I got my Hero last night but the problem I got are that I’m unable to download Twitter app from Google play store. They said my device is not compatible for the current version of Twitter? Next, I tried the per downloaded YouTube app but unable to play videos from there. The app just closed up and back to main screen. Someone told me it’s because jelly bean don’t support Flash play? But I can play YouTube via browser!

    • Per, Norway

      Hi Lynn. You should flash your Hero with Cyanogenmod.
      Then you can spoof Samsung or Google Nexus on the Android market and make it “compatible” with most apps.

      • Lynn

        Hi Andi, Many thanks for your advice. Will the Google App Play lost after I flash the tablet? Some of my friends told me that mostly the Google App Play will gone if I do flash the tablet….

        • Per, Norway

          You will have the normal Play (Android market) when you add GAPPS (Google apps) as instructed in the link.

          The flashing procedure start with basic CM10, the adds GAPPS and a small compabillity file for the Hero.

          • michael

            my novo 10 is in chinese language i have tried so had to change it to english but i cant can you please tell me how

  • michael

    my ainol camera is so poor what can i do?