How to manage your dual-sim Android phone

How to manage your dual-sim Android phone


Hi guys, In this article I will be showing you how to manage your dual sim phone so you know exactly what to expect when your phone  dual-sim Android phone arrives.

The majority of dual sim phones have a WCDMA(3G) and GSM (2G) sim card slot as the primary slot and a GSM only sim card slot as the secondary. This means that only one sim can use a 3G connection, the other sim will only be able to pick up a 2G signal. So as long as you don’t plan on using the 3G internet connection on both sims you’ll be fine. The 3G sim card slot is marked with a “W”, the 2G sim card slot is marked with a “G”. There are plans for newer dual-sim Android phones which have dual 3G compatible sim slots.

When you turn on your phone you are greeted with two signal bars at the top of the phone, the first one is for the first sim slot, the second one is for the second sim slot. The majority of phones work in a dual standby mode, whereas a minority work in a dual active mode. Dual standby is when both sims can work at the same time, but say for example you use one sim card to make a call, the other sim card will not work and be on standby for the duration of the call. Dual active is where both sim cards will be active all the time, even during calls. An easy way to get around the Dual standby limitation of turning one sim off when you’re on a call is to set up call forwarding on both sims to each other. This means that if you are using Sim 1 on a call and someone calls you on Sim 2, which is on standby, the call will be forwarded to sim 1 with the active connection and will be listed as a waiting call which you can choose to answer. Simple!

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how to manage dual-sim android phone_1

You can manage both Sim cards from the settings. Just click on sim management at the top. Here you get the option to turn the Sim cards on and off at will and you can set the defaults for each sim. For example I use 3 as my data connection, where as I have O2 as my default for voice calls. You can also set the phone to always ask you which sim card to use. The picture below shows you what it looks like when you set it to “always ask”.

how to manage dual-sim android phone 2

You can also assign contacts to certain Sim cards, this is useful when differentiating between work colleagues and personal contacts. The call/texts goes through on the sim of your choice no matter what. This can be changed from the contact itself, or from the sim management settings.

how to manage a dual sim android phone 3

When you get a call or text, or if you send a call or text, the phone will display the Sim used. For example, you can see that one text was from my three number, another text was to my O2 number. You can also change these settings on the go. For example, when in the dialer or messaging service, drag down the notification bar and you get an option to switch to a different sim card as default.

Using a dual sim phone on Android is simple. You have all the options you need at the touch of a button.

[Author Info] Daniel AhmadAbout Me- I am a fan of this website and have been for sometime now. Without this site I would have been lost when it comes to Chinese dual sim phones and buying them from China. I hope with this review I can give something back to the site that has helped me so much
–Daniel (AhmadCentral)[/Author Info]
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  • vamos

    gracious !!!!

  • Mick

    I live in Eu my Chinese i9300 only works with sms and mms and internet outside my wife if i have the roaming setting checked..

    Strange but possible because is chinese phone

    • Paul

      Where do you live?

      Here in the Netherlands we are all roaming (providers share masts).

      So you might be forced to enable roaming.

  • Nick

    My umi x1 arrived today.
    Its the best phone i ever had in my hands.
    I want to thank you Andi for the couponcode.

    • no problem glad youre happy with it

    • hellinas

      hi there, I am planning to buy the same phone Umi x1. is it possible to find any discount coupon?


  • TripleThreeNine

    Thanks daniel! This will probably prove helpful when I receive my phone tomorrow!

    • Ahmadcentral

      No problem at all. Let me know how you get on with it.

      • i’m having trouble with my I9300 phones I just purchased. I set my card in and on the screen it reads “T-Mobile No Card”. What do I have to do?

      • Andy

        I have just purchased an Android Note and I can not get the internet to work from the SIM in either slot. The guys at Vodafone have told me it is to do with the baseband version which is not compatible with the UK mobile phone system. Is there a way I can update or change the baseband version from MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V15.P2.

        The phone looks great I just want to use the local roaming facility

  • Michael

    I’d be interested if what happens when on a dual standby sim phone the data connection on one sim is being used and a call comes in on the other sim? Will the call still come in or not? Thanks, Michael

  • B0FF

    Nice Write-up,
    I received my Umi X1 a few days ago.
    In your video about the phone you said that you would do a how to on rooting it. When can we expect that?

  • mironto

    About the feature you are mentioning:

    You can also assign contacts to certain Sim cards, this is useful when differentiating between work colleagues and personal contacts. The call/texts goes through on the sim of your choice no matter what. This can be changed from the contact itself, or from the sim management settings.

    Could you post some screenshots with the mentioned options? This is something I am really missing on dual-sim phones and I could not find any that manages what you mentioned. All reviews I read about dual-sim phones mention only basic SIM management (as in your previous paragraph) where you set the default SIM for calls or let the phone always ask, which SIM to use.

    • Ahmadcentral

      Hi, please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. I have only just seen your comment.

      If you go to settings> Sim Management (at the top)> then scroll to the bottom and click on “Contacts & Sim”> Then press the Sim card you want to set a contact for> then click add contact.

      Every time you tick a contact they are automatically asigned to that sim card. So every time you make a call it will go through on that sim you choose

      again sorry for delayed response. Hope this helps.

      • mironto

        Thank you very much, will try it on a few phones to see, if it works. Is it available on any android, or from 4.0 up? Or only on specific phones?

        • AhmadCentral

          I think it is just on Android 4.0+

          2.3 has some of the features mentioned in the article.

  • mack

    I have a THL W3 dual core dual sim phone that doesn’t detect any sim card. The sim card management doesn’t allow me to select it. I’m running Ice cream 4.04 Android. What could be the problem and is there a solution that you can give me.

  • NKP

    Hi Andi, I also have a similar problem like Mack. Got a new phone Feiteng i9300.. with wcdma/gsm slots… now all my sims are working fine on the GSM slot, but in the wcdma slot they are detected but network registration fails… A message of No Service displays on screen and pop up says “Unable to connect to this network at this time. Please try again later.” Could it be happening only because my sims are all 2g… ?? If this is a software bug, can there be a patch… I got Android 4.1.1 on this phone..

  • ahmadcentral

    Yes, you need to have a 3G sim. Wow which country are you in because its very very rare people have a 2G sim these days. 3G tech has been around for more than a decade now.

    • NKP

      Thanks for your reply, Ahmad !
      I am from India, when I checked with vodafone care at relationship center, whose sim I currently use….. they said, for 3G i Just need to activate the plan and no one needs to change sims for 3G services… they say 3G is network and phone compatibility dependant and not related with type of SIM.. they say they dont know what is different in 3G sim if there is any of this kind…they dont know where to get one…I am stuck with using just one sim now… 🙁

      • Hmm, this is weird. (the sim bit makes sense because like i said as long as your sim is not more than 10 years old it’ll work)

        Do you get any signal at all in the 3G sim tray? Or is it just the internet that doesn’t work. Can you try someone else’s sim card in the tray to rule out a phone fault.

        • NKP

          Sorry for addressing incorrectly earlier, realized your name is Daniel…

          Daniel, the latest update is that I went and brought a new sim GSM card from Reliance… Interestingly, of all the sims I tried, this time the sim recognized the network as well… other sims could reach so far….

          How it happened today is, I inserted the sim in the WCDMA slot and switch on the phone…. then phone tries to search network… initially gives a “no service” message, but in about 40 secs .. shows Reliance and the network signal is up full….

          Now this would surprise you more, after all the above, I am not able to dial a call out or receive a call. When I try to call from landline on to this sim, i get the number is switched off. When I try to dial from sim to other, the call just ends in about 10 secs with a msg “Call Ended”….

          At this far, I was assured that it must be the IMEI # that is bad or duplicate or something like that, but then I just tried data connection to switch on… Viola !!! I got connected to internet thru data connection… I was so surprised… I was able to browse internet pages on EDGE network (E infront of signal bars)

          Does this means there is no problem with IMEI ??

          Another interesting thing is, when I am in center of city, the above was the scene… When I went home, city outskirts, the phone showed no network..Now its not that in my residence area, people dont use reliance… they do and get full network as well.. rather I have their netconnect dongle which gives me 3G speed internet on laptop…

          So, are you able to derive something from this ?? I am lost totally…

          • NKP

            Sorry missed to add that when I use this new sim in GSM slot there are no issues at all… all calls, smses and inet work as normal…

          • This is a very weird problem. I really have no idea what the problem could be. It could be an IMEI problem but the data and signal is working just fine so this is very weird.

            In the network settings have you checked to see that WCDMA is enabled and that 2G is ticked off as it may be the reason 3G is not working.

            You could try changing the IMEI number to see if it changes anything.

            i think this is a problem with 3G radio or 3G settings?

          • NKP

            On futher research, have realized that WCDMA frequency supported by phone is 850/2100 while in India we have frequencies 900/1800/2100… I am assuming, 900 is for calls, sms and others and 1800/2100 frequencies are 2G/3G data use…. If this is true, it would explain why I am able to connect to internet through data connections option and getting EDGE (2G), while I am not able to dial a call or send a sms…

            My advise to all, before buying a dual sim phone, check the frequencies… I am left with using single sim only now.. ;(.. I could have bought Micromax Canvas 2 with both GSM sim slots… but my bad luck.. Hope my research would save someone from this situation…

    • yves

      Bonjour Daniel!
      Je suis de Montréal et j’ai la compagnie Telus comme opérateur. J’ai essayé pendant plusieurs jours de loger des appels et ça ne fonctionne pas! J’ai parlé au rep de la clientèle de TELUS et après une heure d’essaie infructueux elle m’a dit que je ne semblais pas capter le 3 g. Auparavant j’avais tout essayé comme changer le IMEI mais sans résultat de connexion. D’après vous ou se situe le problème?
      ( Mon anglais est si mauvais! Soyez indulgent! )

    • ashish

      I bought 1.2 GHz quad core phone from Vietnam. In Vietnam both simcards worked fine however in India none of the slots work. Intrestingly when I inserted the Vietnamese sim (gsm) after coming back to india, it connects to vodafone. This simcard is recognized in both the sim slots but as the simcard has no credit balance so cannot make or receive calls. On the internet it seems that the frequencies in India and vietnam are the same. I have no clue what to do. Please help.

  • Yury

    Hi, thanks for the article!
    I have few questions that maybe you can help me with
    Can you recommend some dialer and and messenger for dual SIM car phones?
    I can’t find anything and the stock ones aren’t the best))
    Also I guess either my phone or my firmware doesn’t support contact-SIM card relation- I can’t find it in my menu, so if there is a dialer and messenger that supports that that would be great!!!!

    • I don’t know about any dialers that support dual sim. Maybe android market will have some? sorry.

  • Daisy

    ..go to settings> Sim Management (at the top)> then scroll to the bottom and click on “Contacts & Sim”> Then press the Sim card you want to set a contact for> then click add contact.

    Every time you tick a contact they are automatically asigned to that sim card. So every time you make a call it will go through on that sim you choose

    did all the above. but, even after assigning, the dialer still asks which sim to dial with. of course, the assigned sim is suggested. the point is, there is a prompt even after assigning numbers to sim. any workaround? thanks.

  • Apla

    hi, i live in South Africa , in Port Elizabeth. can u give me tips to setup internet n MMS in my Dual Sim Phone?

    • If you contact your Service provider they will send APN details to you.

  • jacob lewis

    hi my phone will not work on my AT&T network please help its not leting me conect to the network its giving me a pop up msg saying Mobile network not available please help (chinese I9300 dual sim)

    • jacob lewis

      and i live in the USA please help

      • This phone will not work on US 3G networks. Only 2G networks. It only supports 2100Mhz which is 3G frequency for Europe/Asia. USA use something else.

        • NKP

          In Android there is a secret testing menu accessible by dialing *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#INFO#*#*

          Go to Phone Information

          Click the mobile menu button (bottom left soft key)

          You’ll get several options… one would be Select Radio Band…Then the below is your cue :

          “unspecified” (selected by baseband automatically)
          “EURO band” (GSM-900 / DCS-1800 / WCDMA-IMT-2000)
          “US band” (GSM-850 / PCS-1900 / WCDMA-850 / WCDMA-PCS-1900)
          “JPN band” (WCDMA-800 / WCDMA-IMT-2000)
          “AUS band” (GSM-900 / DCS-1800 / WCDMA-850 / WCDMA-IMT-2000)
          “AUS band 2” (GSM-900 / DCS-1800 / WCDMA-850)

          • Brano

            Man, you saved me (actually my wife)!!
            Obviously, the phone I purchased (Chineese made) was set to different frequencies and although I could connect to the network it was either providing data connection or phone calls, not both, mostly ending up in a state where I could use the 3G/2G data connection, but nobody could call me. Setting up the frequencies to European ones (Europe is where I live;) sorted out that issue completely. Thanks a million!!

  • im ordering the New Dual SIM 5.5″ 3G MTK6577 QHD 960*540 1GHz Android 4.1 8MP WIFI Smart Phone off ebay and i wanna know what kind of sim card do i have to get. and can i use one dual slot instead of both of them. Thanks

    • latonya

      Will i need the micro sim or the standard sim?

  • Dwaraka


    I’m from India..
    recently I bought an andriod ICS phone from Micromax. Almost the screenshots that are put on the tutorial is same of that I think.

    I’m facing a problem in Dual Sim Access.

    If I’m on one SIM with Data or Voice, I’m not getting call on the other SIM.
    It is throwing NOT REACHABLE error to the callers.

    When I approached the Manufacturer I have been suggested to ask the Network Operator… If so What kind of services to be asked for getting a busy tone and call waiting feature for one SIM when I’m on the Other.

    Thanks in Advance..

    • NKP

      Supposed u have 2 sims, Sim A and Sim B….. On Sim A, activate call waiting, and call forward “when not reachable” to Sim B number…. On Sim B, activate call waiting, and call forward “when not reachable” to Sim A number…call forwarding and call waiting are free VAS at least in India..

      • dwaraka

        my network operators are not supporting call forwarding option to other numbers.

        is there any thing to do with Android RIL layer to solve the issue….????

      • Shyam

        Hi NKP,

        I have ordered a Feiteng H9500+ thru AliExpress. Is there any issue with it’s IMEI numbers in India?

  • Arnold

    Hi Daniel,
    Came across this article as I am researching which dual sim card phone to use. One confusing aspect is what happens if I was to have a 3g data connection running (to 3UK, as you do) and a 2G Virgin Media SIM in the other slot. Would the data connection be suspended for the duration of an incoming call automatically or would the caller get an unobtainable signal?


    Thanks you very much Daniel! you are Godsend!!

  • Kees

    Hallo, I have a question, about the Amoi N821 with 4.1, is it posible to assing defferent ringtones to sim 1 and 2 so I can here wath sim is calling?

  • Siana

    this might be a dumb quesiton, but s possible to use one standard sim card for a dual sim phone?

    • Mark

      I would say yes.
      Also because I’m doing it right now.
      But you might be confronted with the situation that you will have to put that one sim card in the right slot. This might be labeled as slot 1 or A.

      If that does not work, you could try to choose the other slot.

  • Jay

    Hey bro. i just bought a Android dual sim Note2 which is supposed to be the same as the Galaxy note 2. i am finding it unable to switch on my mobile data. Even though it is switched on the data does not seem to be active and keeps telling me to switch on the packet data. Can u help me with this??

  • Diana

    How can I use one SIM card with the dual sim phone without it saying no sim for the second sim slot. And also, can I use 2 separate carriers with the dual sim phone?

  • Tudor

    can someone help me? I have just got an android dual sim phone. Everyrthing seems fine, except I cannot connect to the internet onn the vodafone UK sim, although I am allowed to have data connection on that sim. The vodafone uk sim is the primary. Do you know what I should do? Thank you!

    • Pedr

      Hi Tudur, I have the same problem, I bought a Star N9599T, My Vodafone sim lets ne make and receive calls, I can receive texts (sms) but I cannot open any photos that are included with texts (mms) but the biggest problem is that although ll the settings are correct the phone just will not let me connect to the internet??? (data conection) Hiwever I have no problem accessing the net using Wi-Fi (when my desktop is switched on) I have spent many hours talking to people at Vodafone (Customer Services/Technical Dept.etc etc) but they just wash their hands of the problem?? They are in Turkey of all places! I guess thats a call centre . I have been told by Vodafone that phones from China are not supported by Vodafone and therefor do not work??? All other Networks seem to work fine i.e. I have no problem with my orange sim . Still, if anybody has a solution I would be very greatful I only have Vodafone coverage where I need the p[hone to work the most
      Best Regards

  • rohit

    I purchased a samsung Grand dual SIM mobile y’day. I already have a corporate SIM provided by my orgnization , which i use for calls (incoming/outgoing). Now I have purcahsed a new Vodafone SIM , Particularly to be used for internet browsing

  • Rohit

    I purchased a samsung grand Dual SIM mobile y’day. I already have a Airtel corpporate SIM provided from my organization , which i would use for voice calls. Now I have gone for a 2nd SIM from Vodafone , which i would use for internet browsing , and personal calls.
    Is there any protocol on which SIM to be inserted into which slot( meaning , should the airtel SIM be SIM 1 , or the new Vodafone.

    I am a bit confused on this…could some one help please.

  • Angela

    I bought a Android 4.0 dualsim MODEL:M2 from china and its not letting me set a usa band can you please help unlock this phone so it will work here in the usa?

  • Sarah

    I also bought an “i9300 Android 4.0 dual sim, MediaTek latest Generation dual core MT 6575 + Cortex A9 IGHz” on Ebay. It will NOT connect to any cell phone network even though it is an “unlocked 2G Network: Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE & 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz” phone.

    When I click moble networks in settings, the network operators selection keeps searching and finally comes back with a message that says error while searching for networks. I can’t make calls or text and the message is “no mobile service.” Other phones do work in this area so I don’t know what’s up.

    I have consumer cellular and they say their sim cards work for both 2g or 3g so I don’t know if that is the problem or not.

    Help anyone!

  • nicholas tan

    i got a ninetology stealth 2 which is dual sim phone as well
    i dunno what had i press or what,
    all my contact is gone
    still got phone contact list inside the “contact”
    problem is : in my call list is remain number, even so the contact have saved the number with name
    yet still display number only
    what happened?

  • zemedda

    haw i can make the network mode on for 3G . I cant make active it though it has an option for wcdma it is haier hw-n80w model dual sim smart phone from china

  • Kate Savitsky

    Hello Daniel, how lucky I stumbled upon your article. I’m struggling with Jiayu G3. Don’t think my problem relates to the actual dual SIM functionality but in many cases I am not able to make a phone call. The screen shows the dialer but no rings – nothing. I noticed that the little signal strength icons sometimes also display letters ‘G’ or ‘H’, or sometimes nothing at all. When the letter ‘H’ is displayed I can’t make calls. Why do you think that is? What are these letters supposed to represent? And how can this be sorted? Thank you very much. Kate ( I am in the UK on O2)

  • Adrian R

    I have a question is this phone able to be a dual sim Unlocked iPhone 4S Quadband Dual sim with Android 4.0 3G Smart Phone – AT&T, T-mobile, H20, Simple mobile and other GSM networks?? I want to buy it but not sure if its Dual sim or even if you insert sim cards in it? Thank you

  • Kate Savitsky

    Adrian, who is your question directed to? Is it about the Jiayu G3? If yes, here is the link with the full spec:

  • Question for Daniel

    I am really getting confused. I have a dual SIM phone from China and I am very pleased with it.

    However, the dual SIM bit is confusing me. My first SIM always works fine. My second (2G) SIM often says it is Roaming (R) even though it is a UK SIM and I am in the UK!

    For data I only use wireless so that I can use my sim cards for pay as you go. So Data is switched off for both sims. The second sim card is a reserve if the first has no signal or the money has run out by mistake.

    How can I stop the second card from roaming?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  • bhuvanesh.m

    hi i purchased a u-ta hd2 mobile on visit to taiwan but after returning from taiwan the mobile showing no service and default sim pls help me to activate the mobile

  • Hi,

    I have recently purchased a Durrocomm XWT5 dual sim phone. It is of Chinese origin. The first SIM slot says UIM, the second says SIM, the two sim cards i have, one T-Mobile and the Other Truphone (Voda Phone) both display 3G when connected. Does this mean that it is capable of 3G on both sims. I cant seem to find a manual for it. It says it is running ANdroid 4.0.4



  • lynette

    Can you explain can I use regular data on the phone mine not working I can only use wifi do I have to do some special sett

  • Margaret

    i have android dual SIM but i put SIM card inside the signal is not showing. and it will come No service Emergency calls only

  • koushik

    All the information that you have given is very good i appreciate it but i am facing similar problem i.e. when i use gprs of 1 sim the other sim wont work what is the reason behind that and is there any solution for this.

  • Shane

    i need help with my GT-N7100 which i purchase from china. The phone detects the sim but i get no network signal(no service). i live in the us, can anyone help me please.

  • Thor

    Hello guys :),

    I would like to buy this phone or something similar.
    I did not understand one thing from the article.
    This model has one W sim slot and one G sim slot. Can I use a 2G sim on a 3G sim slot? Can I use two 2G sims?

    Thank you!

  • J L Pandey

    Hi there,
    I am from India.I need help on the following issue: I bought a dual SIM Tab of Korean/ Chinese make modei:F7HD,running Android version 4.0.4 and Baseband version:MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V9.2013/01/2109.04. I am unnable to use the mobile network and mobile data because both the SIM slots could not connect to the network through any sim card inserted. I tried with Idea, Airtel,BSNL and Vodafone SIms (all having 32K and 64K sims) but the tab detects the sim cards put in the slots only but could not connect with the mobile network displaying as “NO SERVICE“ after showing “SEARCHING FOR NEW NETWORK“.The tab however working good with wi-fi and bluetooth data transfer.

    Can anybody help me fix this problem.Thanks a lot in anticipation.
    J L Pandey

  • Mrs Yvonne Woolley

    Hello, I hope that you may be able to help me? I have a n7100 dual sim phone from china, I love it ,But! I am on 3 networks in my main no1 slot and wanted to use my second sim si I have a Giff Gaff sim card and this works fine in my No one slot but when I try to use it in my second sim slot it does not pick up , I know the sim card is ok but I am not sure if the secondary slot is active is , is there any way that I can check.Thank you in advance. Yvonne

    • Den

      One slot will be 2G and the other 3G

  • Hanna

    Hello! So, recently my dad has bought me a U Ta Hd-2 Android Phone from Taiwan. I really loved it, but when I tried to put a sim card on it, it always says “Sim Card Not Inserted”. My mother and I was really devastated about it. Can you please help me? And PS, I lived in the Philippines. Thank you very much in advance! :))

    • Mrs Yvonne Woolley

      Hello Hanna, If you mean you second sim card slot, I am having the same problem, It is driving me mad as I love my 5 inch phone and would love to use the dual sim function too. I hope someone in here might help BUT I have had no luck as yet. Good luck. Yvonne in the UK.

  • Sue

    I have just had the Hero 750 + dual sim, brilliant phone. How can i tell which sim is connecting to the internet.

  • Bill

    Hi All,
    I’m a noob when it comes to Dual Sim phones and wanted to ask a noob question:

    I have a work phone, I use this for making calls (obviously) but there is no data included. (Sim1)
    I want to get a Data ONLY Sim to allow me to surf, etc. (Sim2)

    I’ll add these two Sims to my Dual Sim phone (not yet purchased), but I’m not sure how they can work together….

    For example, if I’m using the internet (Sim2) does this mean I can’t receive calls via Sim1?

    I think this is a Dual Standby Vs Dual Active question…I just need someone more knowledgeable than me to answer.


    • Hassan

      Yes you can call from any sim while using data on other.

  • Hello,

    I bought a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but its the Note3. It has Jelly Bean. Its from China. When I insert the Tmobile Sim card, the phone detects all the settings and the Tmobile network but it wont get the 3g, voice, or sms to work.
    Wifi works fine, but the important stuff doesn’t work. I went to TMobile, and called Tmo support and they are all thinking that the phone is not unlocked properly. I have unlocked phones before but I have never unlocked an unbranded device with no affiliation to any carrier. How can I unlock this device?

    I got the device from

    • Pedr

      Sounds like you have the same phone as I have, Android Note, Star N9599T? I bought mine through Amazon UK, Amazon Marketplace,. A Company in China called BW Corp. If I was you I would ask “a happy deal” about the unlocking, I doubt thats the reason though you could try a factory reset with the sim in the phone that will pick upt he sim card and maybe get it working automatically.
      Let me know if you find a solution!

  • hey i got a new new phone it is copy of note 2 from china. it was working fine in china n nw in india.. it is not supporting any sim card. it supports the reliance gsm but only for data connection… the incoming and outgoings are nt working in relaince…. and it is supporting the dolphin sim also but only for calling n not fr data connection… will u please suggest some help???

  • Noone, really

    Nice article, except that it generalizes dual sim android phones. But a Galaxy S duos – for example – lacks most of the features you’re writing about (eg. assigning default sim for a contact or phone number)

  • Jocke

    hi! I recently purchased a Tronsmart TS4 Dual Sim card from Geekbuying. I live in Sweden, and have the provider Telia. For some reason it’s always in roaming mode, and if I switch it off, I lose data connection. I won’t be charged but I can’t get it to work without enabling roaming. Please advise wha ti can check more?

    • Jocke

      Forgot to activate email replies

  • Hello:
    I bought a Star B92M in January. I live in Argentina. The phone works quite well, but it doesn´t get connected to the 3g network here. Phone companies work with WCDMA 850 mhz and 1900 mhz here and the phone specifications say the phone works in WCDMA 2100 mhz. I don’t know if this issue is correctly explained, as I don’t know much technical stuff related to networks, but I hope I can make myself understood. I guess my problem is without solution, though. Thank you

  • simi das

    tell me how to assign ringtone and photo to each individuals in micromax canvas2 mobile?

  • Buddhika

    Hi, i just have a small question about Dual Standby type phones (Samsung S duos and such..),
    When one sim (say sim2) is used to send a message (sms or mms) does the other sim (sim1) gets disconnected and goes to call forwarding mode, even for that small amount of time where actual data transmission happens??


  • tien

    I got gsm quad band phone.d7100 from. china but im everything else works fine. thank you.

  • Elwin

    Bought Flying 5i and it works very well overall in Canada on Rogers network. Works for me with one or two sims.
    This phone is an iphone 5 copy and has only one Home button and NO Menu button.
    While in contacts, I cannot edit or delete a contact. I can create one and then edit it on my PC in Google, but on the phone, I cannot.
    I’ve tried long pressing all over the place and cannot get the Menu options to show up.
    Is there a secret to this? or is it just not available on these phones?

  • Shannon

    Hi. I purchased (what is equivalent to a Samsung I9080) a phone from a site called While it looks like the 9080, it doesn’t act like it. It’s not advertised to be an Android. I don’t really even care about that. I can not seem to get it configured at all to H2O Cellular. They have talked me through it and I have hunted (for many hours) online as to how this works. NO LUCK. Do you have any idea? The phone has lots of neat features but I need it to do the basics or I just need to send it back. Thanks for your time.

  • Rafael


    I’ve been reading about Android dual SIM phones and I’ve ran into a information got me a little concern about them. I am talking about the dual STAND BY and DUAL ACTIVE modes. I want to be able to receive calls from SIM2 while I am using 3g internet on SIM1. Is that possible? I was taking a look at the Samsung Grand Duos and I discovered it is a Dual Stand By.

  • kristy

    i have the samgung galaxy 3g model 19377 and i am having proble getting on the internet when i out side i can us it on the wifi but cant us it when i out i think i need the internet setting but i dont no how to get then

  • jaymes

    I have a prestigio multiphone 4500, running 4.1.1, living in europe. I have 2 sim cards from different countries. in my “home” country, no problem with connection, calls or data. when I travel to the country of the 2nd SIM, calls -ok, but no data connection. when I choose DATA CONNECTION for that country, while IN that country, I get a message that I must enable DATA ROAMING for it to work. On testing, that didn’t make it work either. Ideas? thanks.

  • venkatesh

    I have a dual sim android.. can I use one sims data connection to login to whatsapp account registered with another number???

  • nigel

    Having a major nightmare with feiteng h9500. It wont pick up 3g. I have my sim card in wcdma sim slot but will not connect to tesco 3g?

  • Randy

    I bought the N7100 dual sim phone and when I put my sim card in the network will register just fine but it will only connect to Edge (2G) and not 3G. I have tried both sim slots, numerous APN settings, etc. It shows to support At&t frequencies, is there some way I can get into the settings to see which bands are enabled or a way to see if 3G is disabled?



    I have purchase dual sim Karbonn A15 Android mobile phone.When I call to any person it does not show sim card name i.e bsnl and vodafone it show 1 and 2.Pls tell me if any software i would install.

  • chetan sharma

    sir,I am fromIndia.I have an issue with my second sim in my dual sim phone,It shows full strength but when somebody calls on it it shows switch off.I tried many Sims.Help me please

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Hi, I have a question: I want to have two SIMs but I want to turn off incoming calls only on one of the SIM cards. Is that possible? I want to use one of the SIMs for outgoing calls and internet connection, and I want the other one for receiving calls only. Is this possible?

    Thanks for your help; it was a very interesting read

  • Prakash


    Is it possible to change my mobile samsung galaxy ace s5830 into dual sim?

    • Check on Alibaba there used to be dual sim adapters available for some phones

  • sal

    I bought a newish_L19 phone Android 4.1.1 from china and I can’t get my US sim card to work on it I’ve tried every thing but no service at all, I took it to a phone dealer and he said that it won’t work.. but I’m not giving up please any help

  • Hi ,
    I am from India.I need help on the following issue: I bought a Tab of Chinese make ,running Android version 4.0.4 and with a single SIM slot supporting 3G. I am not able to use the mobile network and mobile data because the SIM cannot connect to the network through any sim card inserted. I have tried with Airtel,BSNL and Vodafone Sims; the tab detects the sim cards put in the slots and shows contact list, but cannot connect with the mobile network. I get error msgs displaying “NO SERVICE“ after showing “SEARCHING FOR NEW NETWORK“.The tab however is working well with wi-fi and bluetooth data transfer.
    Can anybody help ? .

    • shikhi

      Seems that your IMEI is not valid. google for ” imei change”.

    • Lewis Boham

      Did you solve this problem ? Cheers

    • YZB

      That is probably because both your networks require 3g (even for calls) so that you need a dual Sim phone that is dual simultaneous 3g.

    • muthu kumar

      plz inform if u got the solution to ur having similar issue

    • das

      China product ! Always have some issue 🙂
      Change your band and try … This might be also issue for SIM wcdma/gsm.

  • I forgot to add that it does show the list of networks available and allows me to choose manually or automatically after which it says ‘registered on network’. But when I try to call / surf the net, it says ‘network not available’.

    • Shyam

      Hi Usha,

      Did you check if IMEI number is valid?

  • Rusty

    i have a hummer H1 dual sim phone
    is it possible to set pin for each sim card, currently when i switch from 1 sim to another, it just turns on automatically, i would like to have to input a pin everytime i turn each induvidual sims on
    is this possible?

  • Muhammad

    I use a Galaxy Grand I9082 and I found this article VERY useful, man!

  • Faz

    I bought two phone from China and when I enter the sim card it give message “Sim card enable or disable state have not change”, i am have problem using this new phone.
    Android 4.1.1 operating system(os)
    super eight-core processore
    DAXIAN Brand, Similer to LG and Samsung

  • hongsien

    been searching for dual 3G + 3G sim phones but can’t seem to find them, anyone can point me to a smartphone model(s) that is/are 3G + 3G dual SIM? (I know most of the models are 2G + 3G)……….thank you!

  • Abhishek

    I have dual sim smart phone, once I called any provider (Airtel, Vodaphone) accept IDEA call ended immediately and once popup comes with message “Call forwarding on Conditional”. What that means what I have to fix? Only problem with outgoing calls (incoming, messaging, internet all working). Please suggest what I have to fix in settings.

  • Jane Joe

    I bought a GT-N7100 from my trip to China, but not sure if its a genuine Samsung product because its got dual sims slot. pls confirm its genuine bcos i know Samsung also makes dual sims phone but not sure if its done for Galaxy note.

  • jagannatha

    I have a smart phone Iberry auxus n1 with regular sim 3g+2g slot. On 2G slot i have my vodafone call sim which of course can be used for data. While I can upgrade my connection to 3G and improve data speeds. can I instead buying a data card 3G dongle buy only a sim suitable for use on such a dongle and insert it into the free 3G slot and use it exclusively for data purpose.

  • DC

    Is it possible with some app to set dual SIM cards to work separately: one SIM card to have one profile (quiet) and another SIM card to have a different profile (loud-to hear the ringing if somebody calls) ?

    Is it possible to turn off one SIM card?

    Where could I buy GALAXY ACE 3 S7272?

  • Manju

    Is it possible to use 2G internet in WCDMA sim slot?

  • CJ

    I have a Lenovo P780 from China. It had a partially Chinese android preload which has been sorted to English now. It is dual sim. My Vodafone sim now works fine in it but when I put in my Orange sim (on EE network) in slot 1 it will only data connect if roaming is on, I can’t seem to get around this, any ideas?

  • Dino

    HI!. I’m from Paraguay.
    I’ve just bought a BLU DASH 3.5 Dual-Sim.
    I have 2 simcards from the same operator (TIGO), one mine (with data plan for internet) and one from the work (just for calling).
    When i put mine’s sim on slot1, it recognizes it and works like a charm, even internet, whatsapp, everything. Then i put the second one (work’s) on the second slot and recognizes the chip but keeps saying “No Service”.
    I switched the simcards to try to figure out what’s going on and the one that worked doesn’t. And the work’s one is great at the slot 1.
    So, somehow (please helpme to understand) the slot 2 isn’t activating the simcard, even from the same operator as the slot 1’s working
    What is going on?. Can somebody give me a tip?…

    • Lewis Boham

      Hi there, have you solved this problem ? I’m having the same trouble.

    • John

      Hi, I am in UK, I just got a hongmi 1s WCDMA, I have have exactly the same problem, Anyone have the solution?

  • Gachagua

    Update the firmware to a newer version. I have a Lenovo A5000. it had same problem.
    Before you put in a Sim card ensure it is activated and ready for data.
    I put in a Sim card in mine that was partially activated. the network provider deactivated it, when they deactivated it so was was line one.(slot 1) deactivated.
    I called the to activate but SLOT 1 showed DEACTIVATED.
    i accessed internet via WiFi and i updated the tablets firmware after factory resetting it and it worked.
    So do the same.

  • brajanarayan

    I have a HTC ONE DUAL SIM phone. I face problem to have a choice of SIM slot, while calling from Contacts. The call automatically goes in preferred SIM. From Dialer Calling, there is option to select the SIM but it is NOT available while calling from Contacts. About SIM management, I am forced to put one SIM as preferred.
    Can I get a solution please. Thanks.

  • hound dogg

    I have a question! I have dual sim, when I text between work and friends it asks which sim to use. I would like my phone to differ its self. Having to remember which persons on wich sim when txting fast is a little difficult. Is there a setting for this or a phone that can perform this feature?

  • Beth Domanguera Orcino

    I recently bought an Android from China. A quad band dual SIM. It worked initially with my Mobilicty Account and then stopped. Never worked with my TELUS account.Do I have to put 2SIMS in? Or one could work? Also it keeps saying Turn your airplane mode to make a call but it is. WOuld someone help me . Appreciate it.

  • kenyarah

    Hi i just bought a android phone version 2.3.5 and i am having problems with it i can not receive any incoming calls but i can make them and receive text messages please help me before i throw the phone away i really like it but i am sooo mad because i can not receive any calls from neither of my sim cars when someone calls me it goes straight to vm. please someone help me please

    Desperate for some service kenyarah.

  • Den

    I am from Australia. I have the h9500 phone that came from China late 2012 as a gift. Google Talk is the default keyboard setting and I am unable to set English UK/English US keyboard. Please help. Den Australia

  • vidya shanker

    i am from India i bought Huawei c8813d from Myanmar. The phone works good on both CDMA & GSM here, however i have a unique problem. I transferred all my conatacts from Blackberry cure and imported to this Android 4.1.1 device it does not recognizes who is calling it says unknown contact even though the caller number is part of my contact phone book. Also the 3G is not working on CDMA. can you please guide what to do and help. Thanks

  • Son Le

    Can I use only 1 sim for both calling anh for internet connection at the same time?

  • tino leonardi

    Hey I have dual cdma-gsm phone and the gsm slot cannot use data connection. Do you know how to enable it? Thanks for your response 🙂

  • Rishi

    I am from India, and I have a question. In Sony Xperia SP (single sim phone), let’s say someone calls me and I pick up the call and start talking. He asks me to check something over the internet. While in-call with him, will I be able to surf the internet and respond back to him (I have a 3g data plan on this phone). This question is relevant to all single/dual sim android smartphones, in general, the question can be “On the same sim, can I do calling(voice) and do internet (3g data) at the same time” ???

  • chris

    Hi I’m in Northern Ireland and I’m using sims from NI and ROI. I have a problem with setting up o2 NI to use for my data connection. I had all setting changed to o2 etc but could get 3G at all. I sent free text to o2 and got text back with settings for data connections but I get get pin to work it. I tried all 0000 or 1234 etc and still no good. O2 is a new sim so pin should b standard and I even switched other card off. Any ideas how to tackle this issue.
    PS o2 sim was in correct sim slot 🙂

  • Jay

    I’ve a Zopo dual sim in the UK, using Tesco Mobile (which uses O2) and apparently it’s an issue with the phone. Don’t know how to resolve. I receive duplicate texts (or more), not always receiving texts and sometimes calls. The calls go straight to voice mail with no notification that I got a missed call and not sure what to do. It’s getting very irritating. Help!

  • andy

    hi purchased a doogee dg300 phone but cannot use my internet data package connects ok to wifi but no matter what i do wont connect when out and about its a dual sim but only using one slot i am on vodafone please help

  • ali

    Hi every one…. I need help…. plz help me… I have a dual sim card phone from android… when I use network connection from sim2 , sim1 get off….:/// and i dont know how fix this problem…. many times my friends wanted too call me on sim1 when I use network connection from sim2, but I cant answer them:(((
    If you know the any way that can fix my problem plz tell me….
    Thanks allot …..

  • Aey

    i bought lenovo a536 and only my other sim card can send messages and call, while the other sim shows that there is connection but i canno t send or call using it

  • Samson

    Hey can I ask you something- I bought a THL 5000 from China via and use it in the USA where I live. So Far So Great, it’s only been 48 hours but so far it’s been amazing. The thing is each time I turn the phone on it tells me one of the SIMs is empty , i am wondering if I can disable that notification somehow (like permanently or until further notice- I know full well it has one sim empty, I only need one SIM and didn’t buy it because it had two , etc.) … any help here? thanks!

  • D

    i need set up help for a samsung 6 dual sim phone…i can’t seem to set it up properly. It either gives me some weird connection error message saying ‘connection problem or invalid mmi’. or when i try to activate the dual sim/dual active mode – it keeps telling me call enable or call forwarding failed for one of the sims. I should mention one sim is from Canada # and the other sim is a uk#. Any idea how to fix this issue?

  • Evolved

    Not that simple. My Android phone does let set which one to be the default.

  • chris


    I received my LETV 1S a few days ago , and so far I am very happy with it; the screen’s great, the fingerprint sensor is fast, and the speed is amazing.

    However, I am having a problem when it comes to using the dual sim feature. I have one sim which is EE contract and is the sim I use for internet browsing, calls and texts. Then I have my second sim which is Pay As You Go on Three which I use for receiving texts and calls only (no internet browsing). In my settings I have the internet, calls and texts default sim set to my EE sim which works fine, except my Three sim does not get any service connection at all and does not receive texts/calls.

    If I set my preferred internet connection sim to my Three sim, both sims get strong connection and are able to receive texts/calls, but I am unable to browse the internet because I need to use my EE contract… which is now disabled as my preferred internet connection sim.

    I’ve tried rebooting with different settings, disabling and re-enabling the sims one at a time. I even tried just changing the sim positions (EE to position 2 and Three to position 1) but nothing is working. I have Googled as much as possible but can’t find any results except to check for the APNs of which both are set and work if I use either sim individually (or have my preferred internet connection sim set to Three in which case both work fine, I just can’t use my EE contract to browse the internet).

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know how to fix this (If it’s even a bug, maybe it’s an excepted limitation)?

    I know quite a few people are still waiting for this OPT to arrive so this thread may be a little tricky to give a solution to. Also, I am from the UK if that makes a difference regarding carrier bands etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions

    • andy

      I’ve same issue on LE1S, did you find the solution ?

    • owen

      hi Chris… Happy new year mate.… I have the very same problem and you described my situation perfectly , please tell me you found a solution… I signed up to this forum hoping to see the answer but can’t see it anywhere… would you be kind enough to reply ( tho’ I’ve no idea where to find your reply if sent haha)… owen (htl t9 pro… Chinese job)

  • Lucas

    Chris, unfortunatelly It’s impossible to solve your problem. In dual sim phones only one sim slot can work in 2G/3G/LTE network. The second slot can work only with 2G network (simplifying: older type of network, today used rather only for voice connections). BUT… Three doesn’t have 2G network! So, if you set sim 1 (EE) for internet browsing, phone switches sim 1 into 3G/LTE mode and sim 2 into mode “2G only” – and you dont’t have service on second sim…

  • sandy

    Hi.. Can anybody help me to understand if I am having a dual SIM phone then will I get the internet setting through over the air even if using either any sim slot?

  • copajoe

    I also have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Duos.
    when I first purchased it I had 2 T-Mobile chips in it and the internet would switch randomly or just switch off. Then I pulled one T-Mobile chip out and put in an ATT chip. It seemed to fix the problem BUT I do not use ATT

    I live in Brazil and use TIM as my local carrier but also keep the T-Mobile sim to get texts from the US.

    Now this wont work. The data will not work when I have both sims switched on.

    When in Brazil, TIM is in the Sim 1 card slot. If both chips are on, Internet switches to sim 2 but the T-Mobile chip does not even have internet available on it!

    If I switch off sim 2, internet works on sim 1

    Today, I arrived back in the states. Tried to get T-Mobile Internet on Sim 2. NOPE, it switched to TIM which does not work in the states.

    Tried turning sim 1 off and it still did not work. I actually had to REMOVE sim 1 (TIM) chip to get the T-Mobile internet to turn on.

    WTF? if they cannot get this right, it was a complete waste of the extra $150 I paid for this (over the single sim version).


  • L Formosa

    I know it’s 4 years old, but thanks for this article. Your idea of setting up call forwarding from one sim to the other was exactly what I needed!

    I have a Moto G 2nd gen (2014) with 3G+2G slots, but one of the operators in my country has a 3G-only network (no 2G). So when I set the phone to use Sim #2 for data, the phone puts that on the 3G network and Sim 1 tries to connect using 2G, so it has no reception. Now I can set up forwarding from Sim #1 to Sim #2 so if people call me while using Sim #2 for data I can still answer their calls.