Rumour: Umi X2 could have quad-core Tegra 3 and 1920 x 1080...

Rumour: Umi X2 could have quad-core Tegra 3 and 1920 x 1080 resolution!


If you have been following Gizchina you wil have already seen plenty of articles about the fantastic UMi X1 (you can even win one here) but as with all great phones there comes a time when they are replaced with something even better! Take a look at the UMi X2 specification!

The UMi X1 is a plenty powerful dual-core MT6577 phone, with 1280 x 720 display, 1GB RAM and 8 mega-pixel camera all wrapped up in a stylish body. The UMi X2 will attempt to build on this already excellent platform with upgrades all over and an even better looking design!

According to leaked details the Umi X2 could get its screen size bumped up to 4.7 inch with a huge resolution boost to 1920 x 1080 which would equal a ppi of 440.

To help drive that power-hungry screen it is likely Umi will decide to go for a quad-core MT6589 CPU which some a claiming will be clocked at 1.5Ghz while others close to the company suggest the Umi X2 might get a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU. No word on RAM, but like you we are hoping for 2GB at least.

Other upgrades include a 12 mega-pixel rear camera, and a newly designed Samsung S3 inspired body which measures just 7.6mm!

If these details do become reality we don’t expect the Umi X2 to be as affordable as the Umi X1, but it could still be a bargain and compete against the 1499 ($240) quad-core Newman N2!

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  • Nick

    Wow, Can’t wait for the umix2.
    I’ve bought the umx1 and it’s a excellent phone.
    Def gonna buy this one

  • abirjin

    After having waited so long for the Jiayu G3, it seems like low cost chinese quadcore phones are only a month or two away, what should I do? Should I order the G3 or wait it out for quadcore phones :S all because of Jiayu

    • Geodex

      Haha trust me you are not alone in the this boat.

      With the newman n2 popping it’s head just around the corner and now this I think the G3 will be dead to me as well if any of these phones becomes available in December.

      Really need a phone before the holidays.

  • niko

    will it also has dual sim?

    • Yep it probably will

  • Takis

    Hi, I have some very dissapointing news for people like me that orderd the Umi X1 about 20 days ago and still ahevn’t received it. It seems there is an upgraded version:

    that fixes most of the problems such as the poor battery life (new battery installed 2500mah!!!, improves the touchscreen, the camera, and corrects the problems with the GPS.

    Did you notice any problem with the screen (light take?) or the camera?
    Have you managed to coorect the problem with the GPS or still no GPS position?
    What about the battery life?

    For the moment tha new battery is not sold separetely. I really don’t know what to do, I still haven’t received my package, should I send it back when I receive it?


    • Nope all seems good with the one we have.

    • a1g12

      is there an increase in price in this upgraded UMI X1???

    • Andrei

      Will it have a different name to differenciate itself, ex. UMI X1S?
      Anyone nows when it will be available on aliexpress stores?


  • Greg Tay

    I think quad core phones are still some months away. The mtk6577 was announced only in June or July and it has become mainstream in October. I forsee the quad cores becoming widely available only in March 2013. Remember Early February is Chinese New Year so everything grinds to a standstill for about 3 weeks. One week before the New year, everyone goes back to the hometown and most business close for 2 weeks.

  • hellomoto

    i am waiting for this

    Umi X2 have a facebook page with the latest news and everything
    check it out!

    • Greg Tay

      I checked the pre order price. It is $400 USD. Way too much for a Chinese phone. For this price. I can get a quad core huawei with local warranty. Huawei or zte is much better with international warranty. 1080p screen is no difference from 720p screen at that screen size. I was very disappointed with the x2 shape. Looks like a version of galaxy s3. I look forward to the umi x1s with quad core with good price.