Win a dual-core MT6577 UMi X1 Android phone!

Win a dual-core MT6577 UMi X1 Android phone!


Christmas might still be 5 weeks away, but I don’t care I’m in the mood for giving! So how would you guy’s like to get your hands on a FREE UMi X1 Android phone! Keep reading to find out how to win.

The UMi X1 was the first phone to hit the market to take on the might of the JiaYu G3 and offers much of the same specification including a dual-core MT6577 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel rear camera, 4.5 inch 1280 x 720 display all wrapped up in a beatifully thin design!

And now you have the chance to win one!

UMi X1 unboxing and hands on video!


We won’t just be giving away the UMi X1 though! We will also include a white plastic rear case, a wrap around vinyl case and a set of headphones!


Win A UMi X1 with Gizchina!

gizchina umi x1 hands on video review

All you have to do to enter the competition to win a UMi X1 is follow these simple steps.

  1. Below you will find a box which giving you options to share this competition (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ETC).
  2. Once you have shared the comp, the page will refresh and a link will appear in the share box.
  3. Visit the link, answer the question and fill in your details!
A winner will be chosen on the 1st of December and will be announced on Gizchina and notified via Email!
Good luck and don’t forget to share!
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  • frink_gr

    Hey Andi, i’m soooooo happy for your mood for giving!!!!
    I wish i could have this present for Christmass by you!

    • Well i wish you all good luck 🙂

  • fpatrick

    Hi, no link appeared to enable me to participate in the competition!

    • Clear your cookies and give it another try

      • fpatrick

        Hi, cleared cookies, but still unable to arrive to questions. Never mind, when its not meant to be, then its not meant to be. ThankQ anyway.

  • What a good news !
    This is the only phone I am pretty sure to work on 900MHz/2100MHz 3G baseband.

    This information does not seem to be very important for you. Besides, it’s a hard one to get. But I try to get the info when I can.

    Thank you for this site. I am on it like every morning and even the evening.

  • wow this is a nice phone to be given away for Christmas thanks Andi ang gizchina count me in… hope to win this one and hands on this AWESOME UNI X1

  • Andrea

    Hi Andi,
    I’ve a curiosity question: how do you choose the winner?

    • Once all the entries are in they are placed in an excel starting from the first who entered to the last. then I’ll split the groups up by 4 (or more depending on how many people enter) then using a random number generate to slowly whittle the numbers down until I have a winner.

  • Jason

    Didn’t work for me either, deleted cookies too.

  • tino96

    Thanks for the nice video review you also shared. Seems like a nice phone after all.
    Good luck to everyone and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for your generosity!

  • Leo


  • Paul

    crossing my fingers second time around. Didn’t win the zopo zp900 hopefully I get to win this one.

  • Rianto

    Thanks Andi

  • Yoav

    All ok here and thanks a lot andi.

  • RolandNL

    OMG lol, I was looking for the answer, but then I looked at the wrong tab (of the Jaiyu G3 unboxing) and then gave that as an answer =’) But then I scrolled and was like ‘OMG I’VE RUINED IT!’, as only then I realised I was on the wrong tab =’) So yeah, I immediately sent another answer with the addition that the previous one was a mistake, I hope you get where I was coming from… I just like to see all reviews on GizChina, and therefore I open a lot of tabs haha 😉

    Good luck everyone!

    • Yep don’t worry I have your right answer 🙂

  • Prasanna

    hi Andi
    I am from Nepal. Can i participant on this?

  • Frans

    Nice giveaway dude 😉 just found out this website today (was searching for the jiayu g3 but i might wait with that because of this giveaway ^_^ )

    Thx for this giveaway dude.

    hopefully my answer was good (havent put the country of the glass in the answer).

    • Shhhh you are giving to much away 😉

  • Kelzen

    RIGHT ANSWER IS “NONE”, or at least some CRAP, because I have crack on the displey already! And it was no “crash test”, just a little fall! I’m totally disappointed!

    • Frans

      No glass is unbreakable, shit happens dude sorry to hear it.

    • Vincent

      My UMI X1 cracked in my jeans pocket when I sat down. No fall!

      It’s not gorilla glass!!!!

      • Frances

        did you ever find a replacement screen?

  • AG

    Hi Andy,

    Will you be giving away something on Christmas too ? 🙂

    And I have a suggestion, next time please let us “compete” 🙂 I mean like designing a logo for gizchina, or a mascot or a punchline may be 🙂 Lucky draws makes us think a lot about results 🙂 If it were a competition then you will have a hard time choosing and we can relax 😛 win win for both 🙂

    • Yep I hope to be able to have a give away for Christmas too. Great ideas! I’ll have a think about what we can do 🙂

      • RolandNL

        I suck at designing tho, and I guess that others have a harder time thinking of punch lines, so maybe just suggesting an ‘idea’ to make GizChina better would be nice. This could then also be a logo, mascot or whatever, but also stuff you wouldn’t be thinking about yourself which can give you a new perspective on your website!

      • Brianna

        I think if you had any design contest, I’d be super happy. (You should do it just for fun, even)

        • Ok, let me secure a good prize and we’ll run one 🙂

          • Brianna

            Well, I /could/ use a tablet. (hint hint lol)
            But, great! 😀

  • Benjamin

    What a phone. I wonder how it would look this side of the sahara. Love the site keep on giving us more reviews.

  • Niko

    hi Andi,

    when will you write the complete review of umi x1, and btw umi x1 today release 1st 4.1 rom (still beta) also MIUI already on their closed beta on umi x1 rom (read from 91umi bbs)

  • Amit

    Is there a way to differentiate the knock off from original ones. I was looking for this phone in aliexpress today and found that most of the x1 have bonus batteries and ‘powered by bonus’ written on the back cover. Are they originals? Do you think Kalzen’s screen cracked easily because he might have got a x1 knock off ?

  • Mochiza

    Hope I’ll win this! I’ve been using a really bad phone since 5 years ago. *finger crossed*

  • Kyan

    Woohoo, only 3 days left till the winner announcement 🙂

  • Bonnie Mbariah

    Just finished answering…..kinda sorry i saw this competition late…really hope i win this time round..Fingers crossed!!

  • wan

    fuh hope can win this… but chance is slim

  • Airyl

    Results are coming out tomorrow! I really hope I win!

  • chandu

    hi, andy i am loving it.
    good thought of giving that to fans . win win win i have given correct answer and waiting for u to send that mobile to me.

  • TheAtog

    I hope i win this one.. good christmas gift from andi if i did. =)

  • Frans

    *Fingers crossed*

  • Kyan

    It’s The 1st of December. We’ve all been waiting for this day. Good luck to everyone who participated in the contest 🙂

  • Airyl

    Fingers crossed, hope I win.

  • xxx

    So nervous

  • tino96

    Andi is delaying the answer on purpose to keep us guessing!!! 😀

    • Haha sorry guys I’ll announce the winner soon 🙂 Too many entries!!!

  • Kyan

    The suspense is too much. I’m gonna explode 🙂

  • Viktor

    I wonder how many people have applied and from how many countries.

    • stelios panayi

      am gonna explode there is so much suspense! i hope i won!

  • Muo

    I think more than a thousand!

  • Airyl

    Hopefully the results come out tommorow. I hope I win, although the chance is so slim.

  • Kyan

    I hope I win. Its my birthday today, so it would be a GREAT present 🙂

  • Viktor

    that’s great, I also had my birthday this year 😉

    • Kyan

      Oh ha ha 🙂

  • Kyan

    Hmm… Maybe Andi is taking long as he doesn’t want to part from his beloved UMI X1.

    We understand Andi 🙂

    • Ha ha I do love it 🙂

      Nope it’s been a busy weekend and we had about 1000 extra entries on Friday (lot of duplicate entries though 😉 ) So having to sort through them carefully so everyone has an equal chance of winning.
      Hopefully I’ll announce the winner today 🙂

      • Airyl

        ARGH, the suspense is killing me!

  • Find out if you are the winner of the UMi X1 here!

  • eba tadesse

    how does this smartphone compare to giant brands like samsung