Newman N2 Pre-sales finish today! Thanks for the notice!

Newman have just completed pre-sales of the ‘engineering batch’ of quad-core Newman N2’s, and even with little prior notice the phones are all sold out!

With just 1000 N2’s up for grabs, many hopeful buyers had little chance to grab the Samsung Exynos 4412 equipped phone but with little warning to the pre-sale those chances were dashed further still.

The first many N2 followers heard about’ today’s 10:00 pre-sale was early this morning, while most fans likely still haven’t caught the disappointing news.

Looking on the bright side, this early sale means that Newman are close to starting full-scale production of the flagship phone which will likely go on major release late next month.

The Newman N2 replaces the dual-core N1, and features a quad-core Samsung CPU, 2GB RAM, 12 mega-pixel rear camera and a 4.67 inch display all for the low-cost of only 1499 Yuan ($240)

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