Onda quad-core tablet’s coming 5th December

Onda quad-core tablet’s coming 5th December


The quad-core’s are coming! Cheap quad-core phones and now quad-core tablets from China are all over the news, and tablet maker Onda is making it get’s it’s piece of the pie with the launch of a new 9.7inch model!

Onda make some of the better Chinese tablets, and are held in the same regard as Pipo and Ainol. However, unike the other brands, Onda have finally made the leap from dual-core to quad-core.

The new quad-core tablet from Onda will be available for pre-order on the 4th December and is expected to launch on the 5th. No many details of the new tablet are known other than it will use an Allwinner A31 quad-core CPU and 9.7 inch display.

If you are in China and fancy trying to pre-order one, follow this link to the Onda forum.

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  • JJMartinez

    What tablets do you recommend here in the states & or international must haves at the moment?? Thanks

  • Mike

    Is this the very first quad core tablet, or are others available already? What makes this one special?

    • sickgrinder

      There are ohers, first one comes to mind is the Ployer MOMO 11 quad..it has a exynos 4412.

  • simik

    Any info on 3G and GPS support?

  • sam

    The all winner a31 chip has the following graphics:

    Power VR SGX544MP2 8 Core 1MB L2 Cache

  • Godfrey

    I use a mifi on contract to connect all my fones tablet notebook….. usually the best and cheapest solution… With one upgrade to 4G

  • rodman267

    Zenithink QuadCore for $189

  • Darren

    I had a Onda Vi30 Elite. All is good except the camera. Suppose to be 2MP but took worse indoor picture than my old Nokia phone….

    For tablet, I’ll still choose Onda though, but not hoping for any good camera..

  • JJMartinez


    Which Tablets do you recommend if you could please name a few for me? I am so confused as far as too which tablet to purchase. I could use your expertise in this department. Thanks kindly for your help..