MeidaTek Launching quad-core MT6589 CPU’s today

Although we have been hearing alot about MT6589 powered phones already, Mediatek will only offiicially launch their low-cost quad-core CPU later today!

MediaTek took the smartphone market by storm this year with the single core MT6575 CPU and later the dual-core MT6577 and MT6577T processors which have found their way in to phones from local Chinese firms and larger international manufacturers.

The new quad-core MT6589 CPU, which will be launched later today in Shenzhen, will build on the company’s low-cost, high performance reputation, but could bring with it a new lower price. Rumour from earlier this year claimed the quad-core chip could cost less to manufacture than current dual-core MT6577 CPU’s, however this is not to say we are going to find $100 quad-core phones launching anytime soon.

According to most companies already testing the MT6589, they hope to launch higher end phones with larger screens, in an attempt to take on the higher price range Android phones from big brands such as Samsung, HTC and Sony. Typical specifications for MT6589 phones current offer 5 inch 1920 x 1080 displays, 2GB RAM, and 12-13 mega-pixel cameras.

Currently Oppo, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, Gionee and even Sony have confirmed to be working on phones using the new quad-core CPU, with prices from some smaller brands expected to start at around $200.

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