Meizu MX2 official price is higher in Russia

The Meizu MX2 will go on sale in China, Hong kong and Russia in just 2 days making Meizu one of the first local manufacturers to step out of China. But will Meizu be welcome in Russia especially with a higher price tag?

The Meizu MX2 is a damn fine phone. It’s is very well made, fast, has a great camera, excellent screen and the OS seems to be smooth and bug free, and for it’s Chinese retail price of just 2599 Yuan, I think it is worth every penny.

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unfortunately though, Meizu fans in Russia won’t be receiving such a great price when the MX2 launches there later this week. According to reports the official retail price for the Meizu MX2 in Russia is considerably more than both the Hong Kong or Chinese mainland prices!

  • Watch our Meizu MX2 hand on here.

In China, a Meizu Mx2 16GB will cost just 2599 Yuan ($416) HongKong prices will be a little lower, but the price in Russia will be closer to 3650 Yuan ($584). At that price the iPhone 5, Nexus 4 or any number of HTC or Samsung phones are likely going to be more appealing to those consumers who will see Meizu as an unknown brand.

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  1. rbobot
    December 17, 2012

    Sad but true.
    From Russia with love.

  2. tood
    December 17, 2012

    We want to promote Chinese goods but not at any price, unfortunately Chinese suppliers crazy and start asking prices even more brands like Samsung Google Nexus and more

  3. balalaika
    December 17, 2012

    Well, 64 Gb version is only 70$ more expensive than in china. Do you still think it’s a bad price tag? Personally I don’t see any reason for buying phone without external memory with less than maximum available internal one… Besides it’s a good alternative for those who don’t like monstrous sizes and absence of design of sgsIII and others.

    iphone 5 cost 1000$ in official stores. Nexus 4 is not available. HTC is simply s#it. Samsung is the matter of taste with its soapy design trend.

    The only thing that can stop customers from buying pure chinese branded devices is poor quality fear. But Meizu does not seem to prove that fear…