Android powered Gamepad 2 looks like a Wii U GamePad clone

Chinese electronics maker JXD have made a name, and living, for themselves by creating some of the most popular Android based handheld gaming clones available, and now the Nintendo Wii U is here they have turned their attention to the GamePad.

Like other JXD devices their GamePad 2 (aka JXD s7300) runs Android, features a touch-screen and physical controls including a pair of analogue controllers!

To keep up with the times this Nintendo Wii U GamePad clone get’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and a large 7-inch 1024 x 600 display. Ensuring the various pre-installed games run true to form a dual-core AML8726-MX CPU has been chosen along with a helpful 1GB RAM.

As for games, JXD have installed 9 emulators including those of the PS1, GBA, NEO GEO, Super Nintendo (Famicom), Megadrive (Genesis) and the cult classic NES!

The real Nintendo Wii U Gamepad for comparison.
The real Nintendo Wii U Gamepad for comparison.
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