Oppo not planning to launch Find 5 in Europe?

When Oppo launched the Find 5 earlier this month, many of us were under the impression they were doing so internationally, but new reports are suggesting otherwise.

Oppo caused quite a stir with the Find 5 Android smartphone. It was one of the first phones to arrive with a 1080 5-inch display, it packs a very powerful Qualcomm S4 Pro CPU, and is one of the first phones to get Sony’s new Exmor Pro image sensor which can record at 120FPS!

Reports are now claiming that Oppo aren’t planning to launch the Find 5 in Europe and suggest that the reason behind the move is due to the huge demand and the unlikelihood of the company being able to meet those expectations.

Our sources at Oppo say the availability issue is not true, but are keeping tight-lipped on whether or not a European launch is on the cards.

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