HTC M7 pre-launch specifications and details

HTC have done a great job of building tension and excitement for the HTC M7, so what do the Taiwanese phone maker have in store for us at the flagship launch tomorrow?

A name change?

It is largely known that M7 is the internal codename for the new HTC phone and the name will likely change at launch, but what will it change too?

htc one champions game

Some are suggesting the HTC M7 will be named the HTC One, which in our opinion seems like a rather short-sighted name choice. While those of us following the new phone will see the HTC One as the new phone, less savvy consumers could confuse the current One X and One X+ has range topping devices rather than the plain old ONE.

DSLR detachable lenses?

htc m7 dslr lens

Take this one with a pinch of salt, but some reports are claiming the HTC M7 (HTC One) could be the first Android phone to to allow users to add additional lenses to the phone as standard. Detachable lens are nothing new on smartphones, but the idea of a phone designed with these specifically is quite novel.

Ultrapixel camera

htc m7 ultra pixel

Speaking of the camera this could be the first rear sensor to ditch mega-pixels in favour of ultra pixels to improve image capture and quality. The set up for the M7 is speculated as being 3, 4.3 mega-pixel sensors stacked on top of each other!

1080 Retina display

Gizchina News of the week

Screen size for the M7 seems to be set at 4.7-inch, which is the same size as the HTC One X, and smaller than the 5-inch HTC Butterfly, but can we look forward to an improved Retina style display with 1080 HD video output?

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Front stereo speakers

htc m7 stereo speakersHTC have said themselves that the new phone will feature improved sound! Could part of that be front facing stereo speakers? These renderings seem to suggest so!

Sense 5 UI

htc-sense-5-ui-m7Not only is the launch of the HTC M7 going to be a big deal in the hardware stakes, but also software and UI. The HTC M7 is rumoured to launch with the all new HTC Sense 5 UI which is claimed to offer a much simpler and easy to use interface when compared current Android skins.

HTC M7 specification

Being a flagship phone launching on the market in 2013 there are a few things we expect from the M7 (One) and the rumours confirm our thoughts. A 1080 HD display measuring in at 4.7-inch will take up the face of the phone along with a front facing 2 mega-pixel camera and capacitive controls.

htc m7 specification The rear of the M7 will have a 13 mega-pixel (ultra pixel camera), while in between we expect a quad-core 1.7Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB of memory.

4G LTE, NFC, Beats Audio and a 2300mAh battery are all expected to be included too!

What do you guy’s think? Are you looking forward to the M7 launch, and what do you expect?

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  1. Rafael
    February 18, 2013

    Oppo Find 5 unavailable in 32GB (but a bit useless in 16GB, sorry),
    Sony Xperia Z expensive, just about to be available, perfect but with a bit crappy panel (low contrast)
    HTC about to launch this M7 just about to perfect, with much incentive,
    Huawei and the 3000mAh Ascend D2, but perhaps the P2 too in just the good size,
    Sheng X7, Countless Chinese unknown smartphones, just about perhaps available,
    Xiaomi Mi2, not so to notch, but perhaps the good stable easy to use ROM we all need ?

    Oppo trying to reinvent the Apple captive ecosystem, then they will be uncompliant with the Gnu Public License (You use it, you modify it, you release the sources)

    This is a lot of entropy in the just about to launch top notch smartphones… I change my mind every day, but the only really available here in France is the Sony Xperia. Sony released the source code, even before official smartphone availability.

    Thanks for this site, I still read here every day. The chinese Android entropy will force about-to-become-ancient-Android-market-leaders to be really creative.

  2. PeterP
    February 18, 2013

    Phones this year are so good spec wise.
    sony z is a design huge fail with iffy screen even, the oppo 5 seems to never arrive.
    This htc seems to miss on battery even if it does have a nice camera hdr? on account of the lg 5.5 spec with qc600 and hige battery . Maybe it’ll be cheap and rescue htc from their downward spiral, but i doubt it. So much well priced 1080 competition it seems from china especially as we soon enter the phone as pc era, where is the world tech economy heading.
    So lg 5.5 for me so far. rock on mwc.

    • PeterP
      February 18, 2013

      forgot to add, And what about nvidia 🙂