Changhong HONPhone V10 offers a 13MP and 8 MP camera plus 5.3-inch display

Changhong, more famous as a TV manufacturer in China, have slowly been making their move into the smartphone market with limited success, but could the 5.3-inch V10 be the phone to finally grab them the attention they crave?

Nothing about the HONPhone V10 is like any other Android smartphone we have ever seen before, and we’re not quite sure if that is a positive or a negative! The wedge design is unique (ugly?) to say the least, and claims of the phone tapering from 10.7mm to an incredible 3mm aren’t entirely accurate.

The all white body looks a little dated to us, but the front of the phone looks fine with a large 5.3-inch display taking up most of the face, with thin bezels placed either side and capacitive controls on the chin.

Features which are going to grab most attention are that large QHD display and also the generous 13 mega-pixel rear sensor and 8 mega-pixel front camera. From our knowledge the V10 is the phone phone on the market to offer such a high-end front camera!

But like the odd design mix, the V10 also has an odd mix of hardware! While the screen is large it only offers a resolution of 960 x 540, there is only 512mb RAM and a dual-core CPU rather than a quad-core MT6589.

However if you can deal with the odd looks and small amount of RAM the large screen and impressive cameras of the Changhong V10 could make it a real bargain at just 999 Yuan ($160).

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