Retina display iPad mini parts spotted

Retina display iPad mini parts spotted


Purported leaked photos of the Retina display iPad mini have been discovered with unveil a few details of the next tiny Apple tablet.

Chinese tech site WeiPhone have been lucky enough to come across a set of photos which show the rear case of the alleged retina display iPad mini. The first notable difference between those in the photos and the current model is the colour of the Apple and iPad markings, which could hint at iPod Touch 5 colour options for the new device.

retina ipad mini leak

On further inspection it appears the Retina iPad mini is a shade thicker than the original, this would make sense as the higher resolution panel will demand larger batteries and more space.

Other than those differences the 7.9-inch tablet seems to be similar to the current model, but will obviously receive some sort of performance boost and possibly even camera updates when launched.

[ Source Via AndroidtabletOS ]
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  • Ace

    Let’s see if someone can assemble a copy before apple and start selling them. The Taipower P78 turned out marvelous with that nexus 7 display and ipad-type bezel.

  • Lola

    every company is launching the phablets
    apple already has the ipadmini with 8 inch and the iphone with only 4 inch so instead of launching a better phone they’re betting on a 7.9 mini tablet.. i mean for god sake i doubt the igod would approve that lol