Lenovo K900 Benchmarks Video! Impressive but no Tegra 4!

The Lenovo K900 isn’t new to us here as the 2Ghz, 5.5-inch phone first appeared at CES, but with more devices out and about benchmarks for the Intel Clove Trail phone are coming in.

Prevoulsy we had posted leaked benchmarks showing the K900 topping 25,000 in Antutu, being just a screen shot this could have easily been faked, but video is a lot less easy to fake.

AndroidAuthority have managed to lone a pre-production version of the K900 at the Mobile World Congress and uploaded Antutu v3.1.1 to get an idea of how well the Intel powered smartphone would cope. You can watch their findings below:

A score of 25,138 is certainly nothing to be sniffed, but for a 2.0Ghz phone we were hoping for a little more. In comparison a quad-core Xiaomi Mi2 with Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5Ghz is capable of scores of over 25,000 which can be seen in this video towards the end, and the new Nvidia Tegra 4 chip can reach 36,000!

As you all know though, it’s not all about benchmarks, and the K900 could prove to be a lot hotter once the production version of the phone ships.

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