Real dual-sim Samsung Galaxy S4 spy photos turn up in China

Someone at China Unicom has been a naughty boy with their Samsung Galaxy S4 engineering model, but do these spy photos represent the real phone or is this a heavily camouflaged device.

We have 3 possible theories for these purported leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S4 1) They are the real deal and show the what the phone will really look like, 2) This device is the Galaxy S4 on a hardware level, but the shell is just a crude disguise, 3) The photos are fake!

For the sake of argument we are going to opt for the second choice as many of the renders and Samsung ‘experts’ claim the S4 will be a more angular device. So looking past the body what do we know? Well the Samsung Galaxy S4 here is a dual-sim phone running Android 4.2.1, the display is a full HD 1080 x 1920 unit, and the 1.8Ghz CPU and 2GB RAM is good for an Antutu benchmark of 26,118.

What do you guy’s think? Is this the real deal or a clever fake?

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