Newman unveils it’s next flagship phone the Newman K1 asks fans to name it

Newman have finally unveiled the design of their new quad-core flagship phone. Currently known as the Newman K1, the Chinese electronics maker has asked fans to take part in a competition to name the new phone.

For a company who have only been in the smartphone market for just over a year, Newman are doing surprisingly well. Their first phone, the N1 sold incredibly well, and the follow up Newman N2 is by far one of the best Chinese phones we have ever tested.

But with a new year comes a new flagship phone and the Newman K1 is that phone! All we know about the new phone is what we have learned from the press renders provided here. The design is very similar to the Meizu Mx and looks to feature the volume rocker on the left hand side with the power/hold button sitting on the right.

We’ve reached out to Newman but they aren’t providing further details, expect the fact that they have launched a competition on their forums for member to give the Newman K1 and “meaningful Chinese name”.

newman k1 competition

We can’t wait to see more from Newman and the flagship K1 and look forward to future leaks!

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