Xiaomi M2S leaked gets Snapdragon 600 and 13 mega-pixel camera updates

Later today Xiaomi will be holding a MIUI festival in Beijing where they will officially release MIUI V5 along with the Xiaomi M2S details of which we already have here!

Xiaomi are expected to launch 2 new phones today. One is the new entry-level Xiaomi M2A and the other is an updated version of their current flagship phone named the Xiaomi M2S.

We already had a good idea that the M2S (S for speed) will get a faster 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon 600 quad-core CPU and leaked press images confirm this! Not only is the M2S faster but it also gets an updated 13 mega-pixel rear camera and MIUI V5!

The bump in performance is a nice touch, but we are most excited about the new camera! The current Mi2 has an utterly amazing 8 mega-pixel unit, and I can honesty say as a Mi2 owner I’m tempted by the M2S for just for the new rear sensor!

We’ll bring you more details from the MIUI event later today!

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