Update: iOcean X7 Vs UMi X2 Youth

Eyeing up a Chinese quad-core phone with 1080 display, but fancy something a little different from the UMi X2? Take a look at the iOcean X7 as an alternative!

As you are all probably aware, UMi have started to ship stock of UMi X2 phones to various online resellers and distributors around the world. The first batch of these X2’s will feature a 1.2Ghz quad-core MT6589 chip with either 1GB or 2GB RAM options available and the 1.5Ghz Turbo version coming next month.

Many of you are fed up with the wait though and are looking to find a 1080 alternative with similar specs. We have already gone through the OrientPhone S4 here, but now it’s time for the iOcean X7.

iOcean X7 Youth

iocean x7 hands on

iOcean were the first Chinese phone maker to launch a Mediatek phone with FHD 1080 display. Currently the only model available is the ‘Youth’ model with 1GB RAM and 8 mega-pixel rear camera (although some lucky customers have since learnt that their X7’s have a 13 mega-pixel sensor!).

Looking at the hardware there really isn’t anything to choose between the iOcean X7 and UMi X2 Youth, the only real differences are the design and the availability. Personally I prefer the look of the iOcean X7, it has a more Oppo Find 5 feel to it rather than the typical Samsung look of the X2.

As for availability the iOcean X7 Youth has been on sale for a few months now, even International resellers are reporting stock of the phone.

Updated the iOcean X7 WCDMA and also a new lower price. The iOcean X7 Youth is on sale now through MTKMall for $218.98 which includes a screen protector and case.

UMi X2 Youth

umi x2 youth

The first batches of UMi X2 which will arrive on sale will be powered by the same 1.2Ghz MT6589 CPU as the iOcean with the base model having 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The X2 is one of the most talked about Chinese phones of the year, and once stock starts arriving with resellers it is likely to sell out pretty fast!

The UMi X2 does get a 13 mega-pixel rear camera as standard plus 16GB ROM as standard, but as both phones support external SD cards the only advantage for the X2 is the rear camera.

The X2 will be available from the end of May with prices for the UMi X2 1GB Youth starting at $248.98.

iOcean X7 Youth vs. UMi X2 Youth

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Which will you choose?

Between the 2 phones there isn’t really much in it. Both offer 5-inch 1080 displays, with quad-core CPU and attractive designs, and both are on sale at similar prices. So it really just comes down to which design you prefer and if you are willing to wait any longer?

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