My $100 Chinese Android tablet story, and what I learned about Chinese...

My $100 Chinese Android tablet story, and what I learned about Chinese processors!

[templatic_contentbox type=”about” title=”Guest Post”] Guest Post: Last week we posted 5 ways in which you could get involved with the Gizchina community. Reader Will Fisher has been the first to take us up on the offer of writing a guest post. His excellent article follows! If you have an idea for a guest post please feel free to get in touch. [/templatic_contentbox]

The other day I decided to take the leap and purchase my first Chinese Android tablet. I’m travelling overseas next month and don’t fancy taking away my iPad with me incase it gets stolen, or more likely misplaced by me. I’ve also been fairly keen to brush up on my Android skills and am looking for something that will give me the freedom to connect hard drives and use micro SD cards – and hence ended up scouring the internet for a Chinese  Android tablet.

While I wasn’t interested in dropping a large sum of money on the tablet, I also didn’t want to be frustrated by ‘legginess’ and wanted the freedom to also try out some gaming on it. I basically set the limit of $100 USD and wanted to get as much bang for buck as possible.

My first port of call was going for as many cores as I could possibly afford and I fairly quickly stumbled across the Actions ATM7029 quad core processor, which had been cheaply shoved into a whole bunch of sub $100 tablets.

allfine fine 7 genius

I had a quick Google and YouTube for the above mentioned tablets and managed to watch a few reviews of the AllFine Fine7 Genius quad core tablet being touted by online Chinese wholesalers. Jelly Bean looked smooth as butter and Antutu was running impressive benchmarks of around 13,000 points. I was sold. I looked for the cheapest store I could find that didn’t look like they were running scam and went to pull the trigger. On my way to the cyber checkout I was perusing other tablets as well and saw that quite a few dual core tablets were more expensive than the quad core tablet I was about to purchase.

At first I thought I’d just found a great deal and some suckers were getting less cores for more dollars and were being taken to the cleaners, but then I saw the AllFine Fine7 Air which was a very similar tablet to the Genius I was about to purchase but was advertised as a dual core tablet and cost more.

Smelling a rat and thinking something must have gone awry I began trawling Google for answers into the difference between the quad core ATM7029 and the dual core RK3066. Despite obviously having different amounts of cores and being manufactured by different companies (the former being Actions the latter being Rockchip) huge discrepancies and qualms began to emerge between the different processors with the general consensus on forums being that the dual core was in-fact a better Android experience than that of the quad core.

This notion and consensus goes against everything I understand about processors and almost everything I know about the tech world in general. How can more cores be less powerful than less cores?

After digging around on the internet for what seemed like weeks I got to the crux of the debate between the two chips and essentially it came down to three major factors – technical core power, app compatibility and the graphics processor unit each processor was touting.

All these three issues were interconnected with each other but each of the issues time and time again proclaimed the dual core RK3066 the victor.

Never being one to purchase any device without exhausting all the possible research the internet could provide I dug as deep as I possibly could into the world of Chinese tablet processors and realised there was a bit of a conspiracy emerging to create quad core processors which weren’t as great as they seemed.

See the whole issue of grunt in processors comes down to what actual core is within a processor. While the dual core RK3066 processor was made up of the powerful A9 Cortex core the quad core ATM7029 was made up of the less powerful A5 Cortex core. My mind started to explode, but suddenly things began to make much more sense.

The ATM7029 has made a cheaper quad core processor by licensing out cheaper cores hence why the AllFine Fine7 Genius can have a lower listing price than its dual core brother the Fine7 Air.

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At this point my eyes felt weary (probably in a similar vain to how your eyes feel now), but one problem was still stuck in my head, how could the quad core ATM7029 be scoring so well in the Antutu benchmark scores? Antutu is the ‘bees knees’ of benchmarking in the Android world and I had seen first hand videos of quad core ATM7029’s scoring 13,000+ points in the app, how could this be? The answers was in-fact pretty simple and addressed by Antutu themselves a little while back on their website.

On April 10th 2013 Antutu wrote a short news post explaining that certain tablets had been manipulating results within Antutu to score high rankings. Antutu stated that ‘the real score is only half of the score it displays’ and the only real way to test the store is to run the test yourself using the most up-to-date version of Antutu.

Upon reading this Antutu news post the issue of technical core power made sense and it was fairly clear to see how the dual core RK3066 actually outperforms the ATM7029 and why it attracted a higher price at market.

While researching the core power of the ATM7029 I also began stumbling upon issues surrounding its compatibility with certain apps in the Google Play store. Coming from an iOS world this seemed quite strange to me. As far as I am concerned, unless you were using some old school iPhone everything in the App Store should work on almost all devices, despite perhaps not working as smoothly on some as it does on others.

google play chinese android tablet

In the Android world this isn’t the case. Google Play can make executive decisions about which apps are suitable for which devices and from quite a few different reports from forums the ATM7029 was running into trouble with this.

The main issue surrounding this compatibility downfall of the ATM7029, from my understanding (which is definitely limited at best) is the use of the GPU within the chip. Moving away from the widely used and optimised GPU of the Mali-400 the makers of the ATM7029 chose to go with the lesser known Vivante GC1000, a GPU chip that, from my research not many people know much about. Using a lesser known and lesser supported GPU chip is making the road for the ATM7029 very difficult and has the potential to make the overall Android experience for the average user a less than enjoyable one – I’m imagining my Dad slapping the tablet in frustration as apps don’t install.

Two possible outcomes could emerge from the GPU issue with the ATM7029. Either developers begin optimising for the Vivante GC1000 and the GPU source code becomes more widely accepted or the entire GPU burns out as a dud, either way, this wasn’t the GPU I wanted powering my Chinese Android tablet.

Overall my journey to a sub $100 Chinese Android tablet has been a journey of much learning, frustration and just enough conspiracy to keep even the biggest Android skeptic interested in how things shake out.

As more hands on reviews and experience emerge with the ATM7029 we’ll understand what this all means for the average real world users of these tablets, and who knows, maybe everything I’ve written in this article will be non consequential to the end user experience.

For the record I went with the dual core AllFine Fine7 Air with the RK3066 chipset. I picked it up for a smidgen over $100 USD and it’s currently in transit from China. I’ll list a full review when I get my hands on it.

[templatic_contentbox type=”author” title=”About the Author”] Will Fisher is a website developer, writer and designer from Australia, he spends most of his money on tech things he probably doesn’t need. You can find him at [/templatic_contentbox]
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  • geekoid

    Next you will learn about battery life on cheap tablets and how you still can’t find a decent nexus/ipad durable one. Also important is the screen, there are many with Nexus like 1280×800 7″.

    The problem is to pair good performance, good screen, battery life and price below 130usd. 🙂

  • rex2688

    Nice one. keep it up!!!

  • Norman Zakaria

    Well done with the first guest post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Hopefully your tablet will perform to your expectations and I can’t wait to see the review! =D

  • LacusClyne

    I have a yuandao n70s with rock chip dual core and it benchmark around 12000 its retailing at slightly lower than 400 yuan. Had it since December 2012 no problem

  • Tim

    good read!

  • Kashif

    Bravo!! Nicely done. What would b great is having a monthly post of top-$100 and top-$200 tablet buying guide. No other blog has it n ppl wid luv the advice of trusted ones to ease up “?’s”

  • Mr.BlackWolff

    you saved my money. i dont know who you are…but i was going to buy Ainol novo 7 crystal 2 tablet….

    that has processor you mentioned above and also vivantec gpu..

    are you sure the processor is cortex a5 ??

    *** I saw it is A7…,

    look here..

    • rihards

      They are A5 for sure, actions lie that it is a7 or a5.

    • guapper

      When buying a tablet from a e-story don’t trust the specs listed. Always double-check with the manufactorers website if the listed specs compare.
      Favorable ‘mistakes’ resulting in more sales are easilly made.

  • Michael

    Nice review Will. As much as I enjoyed reading your review from start to finish (It was a bit of an eye opener adding to what I already know), I DO NOT THINK YOU SHOULD USE THIS MEANS TO START BLACKLISTING ANY COUNTRY.

    I am a Nigerian and I don’t think it is right of you to say what you said in your review; and I quot “I looked for the cheapest store I could find that didn’t look like they were running a Nigerian lottery scam and went to pull the trigger”. It is already bad enough for the good people in Nigeria to face every kinda internet assault from people around the world.

    I thought we are in here to discuss and review Chinese Android smartphones and Tablets. Why are you now bringing in prejudice and personal vendetta or whatever it is that made you make the above quoted statement from your review.

    Andi, you found Gizchina and I have really come to like this website. I visit here more than 10 times on a daily basis to read reviews. I am asking that you please caution your reviewers to not make such comments in their reviews again and if reviews are editable after having been posted, please remove/edit the offending statement.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Removed and sorry

      • Michael

        Thanks Andi. I appreciate lots.

    • Chidoc

      Well….thanks 4 d edit (I didn’t see the offending bit 🙂 ).
      I am a Gizchina fanatic & yes….. a Nigerian. I love android phones and I’ve actually been facing the same problem of getting reliable sellers. It was a nice post and I had decided that before I saw Micheal’s comments.

    • JanM

      I hope the “comment” didn’t put you off too much. Although some would deem it unapropriate, I really don’t think the writer intended its use as a form of slander or discrimination. The harsh, simple truth is, that “Nigerian scams” and “Nigerian 419 scams” is a widely know term, for a common type of confidence-trick scam. As you seem quite bothered with this, I assume you know well what the term involves, and is not just provoked by the name.

      Sadly, there are quite a few asian webshops that operate very similar schemes/scams in regards to electronics sales, and especially these new phones. Due to the nature of GizChina, I would be led to believe that the average reader/user is an enlightened person. It would thus be much more effective for the writer to refer to a widely know term, than to explain in depth the whole process/nature of the scheme.

      And hopefully, that would also mean they understand that the few spoils for the many, and that the term “Nigerian scam” is used to coin a widely known and distributed scam scenario – /NOT/ Nigerians.

      We can’t change history – but we can prove ourselves better than its contents 😉

      • Dave

        I agree with this. I seriously doubt the author sits at home seething about Nigeria. The 419 scams are unfortunate PR for the country, but he’s referencing the well-known (arguably best-known) internet scam, not the character of the people of Nigeria. I don’t think he meant any offense.

        That said, Andi was well-justified to remove the line, which had little to do with the point of the post, if it was causing discomfort in readers.

        A very good post, by the way. More like this please!

      • JanM

        … and the “went to pull the trigger” line, is in this context a metaphor for “making the purchase”.

        • Michael

          Of course I fully understand what he meant in the phrase about Nigerian scam. I come across that every now and then while perusing the internet. I try to be honest in all my dealings with people, irrespective of whether you are a Nigerian or not, I really dont care, but I treat everyone with the same respect and honesty. So, when I see such phrases, especially when they dont have anything to do with the topic being discussed, it kinda makes me feel Nigerians are been victimized by whomsoever said it. Such phrases are generally put up out there, forgetting that there are still honest and well-meaning Nigerians so to say.

          Coming to think of it, do I have to refer to Germans as the Nazis considering the fact that we all know about the WW II genocides? Or come up with some other quite annoying phrase for some other country for something that was committed in there? We all agree that even the Germans wont find it funny with anyone who refer to them as Nazis.

          So, I am simply asking that you all treat Nigerians as you would treat anyone from any other country.

          • JanM

            Everyone is treated equally here, there is no discrimination against Nigerians or Nigeria as a contry.

            The usage of the the phrase, in the article might not hav been ideal – but it was correcly used, very much in context! He described looking through webssops, looking for one that did not appear to be running “Nigerian scam”, because the well-know aspects of the “Nigerian scam” is WELL used at many of the more shady websites/webshops selling phones and tablets

            Please understand, that in the context of the article, the use of the technical term “Nigerian scam” term was quite appropriate. If its politically correct – thats a story for another day.

  • I am still fighting with lags of Ainol Spark which have 237 usd cost. Dont know how it will be on 100$ tablet. And I am waiting for cheap chinese windows 8 tablets

  • Robin

    If you want a good tablet for your money, here Is what i have learned:

    – 1 GB RAM minimum, more is good, but the leap from 512 to 1 gig is quality of life
    – The main update from Android 4.0 to 4.1 is speed and buttery smoothness, so get 4.1 or newer.
    – Community support, providing custom updates and tweaks, for a tablet can multiply the value of your tablet several times over. I often check slatedroid to see if there are any updates before i order a tablet. Check back after some months.
    -The best china quad core chip is RK3188. Only one made with 28 nm process, meaning faster speed while reducing heat and using less power. It got a superoverclocked Mali 400 video chip (allowed by the 28nm die)
    – A31 is a good cheaper quad core. While it is weaker than MK3188 in CPU speed and uses the older 40nm die size, it got a got a very strong video chip from PowerVR. (Used by iPads and mtk6589 phones)
    – try to check community if WiFi range and battery life is OK for your tablet, common issue with China tablets.
    -720p is a good resolution, compared to 1080p it is smoother, runs games much better and saves battery.
    – Many shops, like DX, will ship free, but the package is marked as gift and costing like 15$, so you might have to report taxes yourself if you wanna keep it honest.

    A good quality RK3188 quad core might be Pipo m8 pro. It is new, but all ready got custom updates from a very skilled community member. And the 9,4 inch screen is perfect for mobility and viewing.

    The much cheaper and smaller 8 inch ICOO iCou8GT is a A31 tablet that might be worth looking into.

  • drcacho


    A friend of mine bought a Ainol Venus, with teh actions Chip. His experience wasn’t that bad at all.

    First of all, it’s a mistery why some says it;s a Cortex A5, others A7 and the official page A9!

    Here are the “official” specs:

    Apart from that, the ainol venus is very a good device, with really good battery life. It’s practical and relatively fast for everyday apps (general android apps, music, video, etc), and of course, not so fast and compatible with 3d games. Almos every 2d game works very well, but in 3d processing the GPU is far behind some others 3d gous, like the powervr’s (seen in the A31) or the Mali multicore seen in almos every other chips.

    If you want a tablet for reading, listening music, watching videos, etc, and you don’t plan to play 3d intense games, a tablet with an Actions chip, makes perfect sense. It’s cheap and probably, if you bought one from a relativelly good manufacturer as ainol or ramos, you will get a very good product.

    My friend has a his venus for 2 months for now and find it perfect for that kind of uses, but he is giving it to their mother, because he want a better gpu and of course, becasuse his mother probably never will play any 3d game on this tablet (or in any tablet) 😀

    I personally want a tablet wth a more powerfull gpu, so i’ll bought a tablet with an A31 or a RK3188 (preferably this last one). If my wife wants a tablet, probably i’ll bougth her one with a Actions chip.


    Dr Cacho

  • vijayshimla

    Actually Andy, the suggestion from Kashif regarding the list of Top Tabs in price point of $ 100 & $ 200 is very valid and urgently required as a guide to followers of Gizchina. Because in absence of this measure- it is very difficult to navigate the various tab. manufacturers in China- who have multiple models with different specs.

  • RobertNL

    Great story 😉

    The GC1000 is an quite old grapischs chip with limited power so it will probably never get accepted anywhere.

    Lets hope next release season AmLogic will put up some new processor, they where the last budget processor making company that came ”close” to the RK3066 with the 8726-mx dualcore SOC.
    The AMlogic dualcore had there source released resulting in a quite nice community for ROMS, XBMC etc where the RK3066 modding stays more to the stripping and editing stock roms.

    The A31 and ATM chipsets are both more low power orientated resulting in a not so big upgrade to the RK3066 in forms of performance.
    The RK3188 is an instresting chipset becouse they stll use the quite powerfull A9 architecture together with a processor size schrink (28nm instead of 40nm!)

    ATM is some wierd company anyway, spreading lies about using A9 at the start of production where it isn’t. Next to that there firmware (the first versions) where complete crap, the Hero II that i have laying around here could be used as a brick better then a tablet.
    Now with some upgrades it became a bit better but still its not up yet with the stable firmware of the other processor company’s.

    Ah well 😉 For now when i recommend a tablet to anyone follow the following list for price / preformance:

    – Dirt cheap ($35-$70)
    Allwnner A10/A13 processor, almost the only choise in this segment anyway 😛

    – Somewhat better ($70-$140)
    Rockchip 3066 / Amlogic 8726-mX
    Depends on what you want, overall preformance of the RK3066 is a bit higher where with some Amlogic devices you may pickup cynogen mod updates.

    -”best” (<$140)
    Rockchip RK3188
    Good preformance, quite good power efficiency, best on the budget market right now.

    The only thing that is lacking with these new chipsets is the Mali400 GPU, should be nice if it was upgraded to a T604 GPU :P.

    • geekoid

      And there are now few MTK6589 based tablets which have nice performance paired with 3G/GPS/BT rarely found on other tabs…

  • I was in the same boat as you before, but I jumped out and swam to shore. If there was ever a truer maxim in the modern world, it’s probably “you get what you paid for.” Except with “Made in China” stuff, sometimes you get less than what you paid for because it could ultimately put you or your child in the hospital (e.g., lead poisoning in toys).

    True that there is some protection if you live in a country with tough import laws like the US, but if you’re living in China, then watch out! In terms for electronics, there are some exceptional companies that take pride in the quality of their products (FiiO, Xiaomi, and Aurum Cantus come to mind), but from what I’ve personally seen the vast majority of crap coming from China is, well, just that — cookie-cutter crap.

    Before I used to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get the most bang for my buck, but now I realize that life is just too short…don’t do it, it’s really not worth it. I’ll tell you what paying an extra $50 brings: piece of mind and extra time in your life. Piece of mind because you know the product will be supported (by English speakers), and you likely won’t have to go through all the hassles, stress, and frustrations likely to come later on. Extra time in your life because buying something like the Nexus 7 would just work; you won’t have to spend a huge chunk of your time and energy devouring the forums to find a way to install this hack or hack that just to make the device live up to the money you put into it (granted, it’s not very much, but it must be in our nature to always justify our purchases, right?).

  • Rob

    I bought a cheap 7″ tablet £60 delivered on offer last year it says it is a Fusion 5 Rockchip 3066 Dual Core and Mali400 Gpu, 1Gb RAM 8Gig storage. It only has 840 x 600 resolution but it works just fine, I can live with the resolution, it has HDMI and can stream full HD to a TV, so non too shabby, battery life can eke out to 4 ish hours playing video, but can go all day with reasonable usage. All in all I would go with Rockchip at the cheaper end if possible.

  • Sere83

    Well after many years following the chinese tablet game, from the pre android MP4 player era I have always concluded one thing….you get what you pay for in china.

    The thing is that even some of the larger more established brands struggle to achieve decent battery performance/ build quality/firmware stability. Personally I would have paid a touch more and gone for one of the the more well known manufacturers, something like the ramos W17 pro or the SmartQ S7, pipo u1, older ainol or window units etc.

    Rockchip have really been the most consistent tablet chip manufacturer in china for as long as I can remember but Allwinner (particularity the a10/a31) tended to do better on power consumption.

    Slatedroid and androidtablets dot net these days are really the spots to get the best insights though

    • darkwing

      Rockchip has been the most consistent arm maker from china, not just for tablets. rockchip is pretty good imo. As far as Allwinner goes, I still don’t fully trust them since they are quite new, however they chips have good performance (the A13 can get you really cheap tablets which outperform any via chip tablet at similar prices)

      • I’ve always been really impressed with Rockchip too! Great performance for very little money!

  • THAC

    I would recommend a Aoson M33 though.. xD

  • ziye

    you see

    i am a Chinese, so are you in China? admin.

    I am curious to know that why you like introduce the products made in China

  • JanM

    After countless hours digging for a good tab, I ended up settling for a Pipo M8 Pro. Its an RK3188 1200×800 IPS / 2GB ram tab, so not the price range I originally intended – but when I finally found something that seemed to get overall good to great reviews, and the proper dealmaker: Front facing speakers (!) – I decided the extra $$$ is probably worth it.

    Might come back with a review on it once it arrives 😉

    • darkwing

      I’m waiting for some quad rock chip, or A31s tablets to go under $190 to see how they gold against a tegra 3 tablet.

  • Michael

    Does anyone in here know if Fastcardtech ( is a good and reliable online shop? I intend buying the Pipo M8 Pro from then soonest possible.

    • JanM

      TinyDeal is doing a “special” on it now – sales support confirmed stock (Well, likely – but you never know). Anyways, its $232.89 USD from TinyDeal (free shipping with registered airmail, otherwise extra).. Probably made about 40 orders with them the last 2 years, they’re legit – and their online chat support is running 24/7.

      • Michael

        Thanks for the info mate. im going over to tinydeal to check things out and compare prices too

        • RobertNL

          Take a look at banggood they have a good service and great prices. They are around a lot on the R/C forum to (with good feedback).

          • Michael

            Thanks Robert. I just looked at Banggood and they have good prices over there. I think I am gonna buy from them instead. Thanks a lot for the info.

            • sere83

              Yeah I have read some bad things about fastcard, I would probably steer clear, there are other better options around. Good choice on the m8 pro though, I have heard good things…

            • JanM

              I have no personal experience with the Banggood, but SlateDroid has a good forum thread on the M8 Pro, and I see there that some have ordered from banggood – and no bad experiences mentioned. Banggood does repack the tablet though, as there is no padding in the top of the “original box” – making the screen subjective for damage during shipping. This is a nice touch by Banggood – big + for them in my book.

              Take care og the papers when they arrive, there should be a licence key on a wannranty card or such. You’ll need it when installing official rom updates. If you loose your licence key, you can contact PiPO by email, with the serial number of your tablet, to retrieve it.

              I reccommend taking a look at the SlateDroid thread if you haven’t already – its located under Rockchip RK3188> Pipo RK3188 Tablets.

  • Freeje

    Bought an Ainol Venus with the ATM chip. As some reader has pointed out, it’s only good for a bit of reading and surfing and definitely not for gaming. Perfect gift for my son to encourage him to read and not play games!

    As another reader pointed out Chinese manufacturers have a long way to go in terms of quality. Have been buying them but stopped when a Xiaomi phone refused to work. The company itself, reputedly one of the better companies, failed to determine what was wrong with their own phones! In short, my next purchase was one from Samsung. Pricier but the peace of mind that it brought me was worth it. No problems with updating the firmware and solid build quality. Won’t look at another Chinese brand for a long while. Was interested in selling some but would have to wait for awhile till they get it right.

    • sere83

      Hmm, its a shame that you had an issue with Xiaomi, I have a Mi One and its always been excellent, the build quality is up there with any of the main stream manufacturers in my honest opinion. Most issues I had in the past have been solved over at miuiandroid dot com. But again many mainstream manufacturers devices have ongoing firmware releated issues. My Nexus 7 has a bug that google have yet to fix.

      What exactly was the problem with your Xiaomi phone?

      Thing is I would not take your experience as a true reflection of all chinese companies. I know people who have had huge issue with iphones, samsung phones, sony phones etc. Obviously when you deal with these companies customer service is better as they have all the necessary regulations in place and have service centers in europe and US etc, but lets not forget most of these Chinese companies do not even sell or support their devices outside of china.

      I still think there are some good devices to be had and if you can find a reliable seller that will take return of faulty items then its worth it

  • Onetrack

    Actually I bought a SmartQ X7 7″ tablet, it was a bit more expensive but it came with an SGX544 GPU paired to a TI OMAP 4470 chipset and 2gb ram, its actually an excellent tablet, I do like using it as its very fast. The OS was a bit glitchy but SmartQ did a good job at fixing the issues through 3 hot fixes then they released 4.2.1 – the tablet comes pre-rooted and it was easy to flash the new rom on it.

    Check them out at

    • sere83

      Yeah I have always been a SmartQ fan, I had one of their very early Uclinux based MP4 players the T5, which I enjoyed a lot. They have come a very long way since then and despite some less than steller devices the latest crop the s7,k7,x7,t30 etc are said to be pretty solid. They are a more upmarket manufacturer though and you pay more but Its definitely worth it to get improved firmware support and build quality over some of the lower end manufacturers.

  • rolandasme

    How stupid is this man who wrote this?
    To compare few products, like he did, you need to compare in the same price range.
    This man writted about apple :D.
    Other think is knowing CPU’s
    Who do not know:
    At pressent
    1. Samsung Exynos Octa – most powerful CPU. (eight cores – 4*A15+4*A7 + power gx 544*3 GPU)
    2. Snapdragon 600 series – slower when Exynos Octa. (four cores 4*A15 + ardeno 320 GPU)
    3. Rokchip 3188 (Quad core CPU 4*A9 + mali 400MP*4 GPU)
    4. Samsung Exynos 4112 (Quad core 4*A9 + mali 400MP*4 GPU)
    5. All winer A31 (Quad core 4*A7 + power gx 544*2 GPU)
    6-7. Samsung Exynos 4110 and Rokchip 3088 nearly the same (Dual core CPU 2*A9 + mali 400MP*4 GPU
    8. Actions ATM7029 (Quad core 4*A9 + Vivante GC1000 GPU). It is faster then Exynos 4110 and Rokchip 3088, just have to much GPU compatiblity isues with games and any programs wich is using graphic processor.

    Second very important think is Android:
    No body asking, this tablet will have support from company or not, but it is very important and apple proved it, like samsung.
    Whey updatting iOS ang android for 3years.
    Some chines companys updating very well, some not updating at all.
    Then you buing tablet check is this tablet will be updated or not.

    Sorry for my english it is me 3rd. language.

  • geo

    very nice although it should be shorter (cut to the chase) article
    some remarks
    the comments about nigeria werent trying to insult
    but better without them .
    I realy felt this guy that said buy a nexus and buy peace of mind
    i believe that
    I have been a tech manager and i understand support
    on the other hand we dont live all in US
    and a nexus might be 299usd in US but 499EURO
    if you can clearly understand the difference its double
    so chinese good chinese is the way as long as we dont pay taxes (big ) through customs
    also sometimes big companies dont give good support (lg)
    and you prime gem from samsung that fell its a 700 EURO MESS-shit Investement-also targeted more from thiefs

    My 2 cents
    im keep looking
    6589t version with 2 ram not out yet not 4 soon

  • JanM

    Now, if only Rockship would release their code and documentation…. 🙂

  • movieman

    all in all we cant escape chines made products 90% of all things r made in china in this day n age its something we have all come to accept n if u dont wake up
    samsung sony lg htc r all big brands but yet they still outsource jobs of making products tablets phones camera the list goes on in china

  • arsalan

    I have seen many people commenting against the phones and tablets from China and saying that they should improve on quality. Quality definitely means more price. Now I ask you people who are asking for quality: will you be able to buy then any Chinese phone or tablet whose price is equal to Samsung or other brand phones? Definitely not… At that time you will tell again that ” than why not to buy the more famous brand rather buying a Chinese brand then”. You get what what you pay for… There are Chinese phones and tablets which are better than known companies… Go to xda and search the brand names fora, then you will know how many have problems with their brand products…

  • Kishan

    how do i choose my tablet which will cost about $100 and all the andoid games will work in it please help me

  • Ck

    I am also in search for a very low-end tablet. Here is what I want:

    – any camera and mike for video (skype)
    – large screen to make viewing and typing easier
    – a moderately updated os like ice cream sandwich (android 4.0) or better
    – vendor and/or store support ideal (i.e., replacements, warranty, etc.)
    – having some level of store support, (GPlay ideal, amazon good enough, any others that can get either of those two or a decent equivalent acceptable — after all it’s all about the apps!)

    bottom line, having a tablet to go online, use chrome, gmail, skype and a voip app for out and about, bedroom and travel use works for me! I can even deal with having to do some adjusting and tweaking after I get it to run right, as long as I can get it there. even using battery chargers to help a weaker battery would do since I know good batteries costs manufacturers more $$

    — to that end, I did see some 9-inch models like the Allwinner for about $100 (i.e., IB Elite) and even though the compromises will be apparent, this is no iPad or name brand replacement. I am buying within the U.S. by the way —

    What do you guys think, or is there any other deals out there (as close to $100 as possible) that I should consider, maybe:

    – a smaller screen, i.e., 7-inch
    – os, i.e., jelly bean (4.1 or 4.2)
    – dual cameras
    – another chip or a specific vendor or store
    – look for specific deals (brand and off-brand names that get priced lowest out there)

    I want to know who’s gotten lucky **and where!!! ** without going all out! I saw some suggestions listed here, but quite a few were for $150 and up, thanks and I appreciate your feedback!

  • DZ

    What do you expect for such a price?
    Be content they are making low priced products

  • Mido

    I tried Ployer momo19HD very good tablet here are the specs:
    a31 all winner chip
    2g ram
    impossiably strong Power VR MP2 (The amazing spider man runs amazing the dark knight rises too)
    4k video and incredable battery . Very good back-camera below average front camera android 4.2.2 everything is smooth display is amazing but i cant use it in sun 1024x768res can be rooted through a method i discovered myself 3g keyboard mouse flash drive run through usb but no sim or bluetooth . gps . camera flash but i have another phone which have all these thx u

  • kek


  • vijay sud

    What is sense of this 2013 article in late 2015…any discussion on this is, at present just meaningless.