MSI Primo 81, the ultimate Android iPad mini

The guy’s over at Engadget are enjoying the show at Computex 2013 in Taiwan, and have come across MSI Primo 81 which happens to be the ultimate Android powered iPad mini clone.

MSI have always had a bit of Apple in them. A few years ago the companies cheap netbooks happened to make very effective Hackintosh PC’s, and their latest Android tablet looks a lot like the tiny iPad mini!

Like the majority of Android mini tablets though, the MSI Primo 81 packs a lot more in to its small body than the original iPad mini, in this case the 7.85-inch, 1024 x 768 tablet packs a quad-core Allwinner processor, 1GB RAM, 3500mAh battery, SD card reader, HDMI out micro USB and dual cameras.

Not only does the MSI Primo 81 look a lot like the iPad mini but it even uses an LG display! Pricing and launch date haven’t been announced, but this little Android tablet is very much on our want list!

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