MSI Primo 81, the ultimate Android iPad mini

MSI Primo 81, the ultimate Android iPad mini


The guy’s over at Engadget are enjoying the show at Computex 2013 in Taiwan, and have come across MSI Primo 81 which happens to be the ultimate Android powered iPad mini clone.

MSI have always had a bit of Apple in them. A few years ago the companies cheap netbooks happened to make very effective Hackintosh PC’s, and their latest Android tablet looks a lot like the tiny iPad mini!

Like the majority of Android mini tablets though, the MSI Primo 81 packs a lot more in to its small body than the original iPad mini, in this case the 7.85-inch, 1024 x 768 tablet packs a quad-core Allwinner processor, 1GB RAM, 3500mAh battery, SD card reader, HDMI out micro USB and dual cameras.

Not only does the MSI Primo 81 look a lot like the iPad mini but it even uses an LG display! Pricing and launch date haven’t been announced, but this little Android tablet is very much on our want list!

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  • Chad

    A much better option is the new Novo 8 Discovery ($169) — which features the same 8 inch size screen as the Mini iPad… and offers a faster Quad Core processor, a larger 5000 mAh battery, Android 4.2 and Bluetooth, along with the new HD Wireless Miracast system… which compares to Apple’s Airplay device ($100), but costs only an additional $40 and provides wireless connection to any HDTV with high resolution 1080p HD — for wireless streaming of movies (such as Netflix) and to play video games on any Big Screen TV using the tablet as a motion control device, as well as to display any tablet and web content… essentially turning any HDTV into a multimedia computer– certainly worth checking out at a site called T a b le t S p r i n t…

  • Simon

    Is that from Ainol ?

  • vijayshimla

    MSI probably has some very bad Tab designers– MSI, one great attribute of Ipad Mini is its 10 Hr battery life – due to a 4400 mAH battery– and here u guys wish to market your Tab with a miniscule 3500 mAH battery driving a quad core processor– if u expect the buyer to carry a Charger along with the mini Tab– U guys have not done your homework right– at least put a 5000 mAH batt. in this- so that the item sells.

    • rene

      Yes , and a real 5000mah and not chinese one, chinese mah seem to be a lot smaller than quality ones like apple or samsung

  • >>>the ultimate Android powered iPad mini clone

    No, the ultimate has a Rockchip 3188 1.6GHz quad-core CPU and 2GBs of RAM. That would be the Chwui V88 or the other two that have similar specs (one of which is the ICOO Fatty2). This is an AllWinner A31s with an inadequate 1GB of RAM.

  • Camaman

    I don’t quite get the “ultimate” part of this post title.
    Nothing ultimate about it. Sub-par actually…

  • arsalan

    Dear members… Can anybody tell me the best out Chinese 8 inch tablet and 7 inch tablet… I want to buy one… Your own experience will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.