Is Oppo’s big surprise a 3.7-inch Oppo Find 5 Mini?

Renders showed up today showing what are reported to be multicoloured Oppo Find 5 mini phones, with a 3.7-inch touch screen. Is this going to be Oppo’s bit announcement.

Yesterday we reported that Oppo have a big announcement to make regarding the Find 5. We suggested that this could be an boost in power from the current Snapdragon S4 chip to the new Snapdragon 600, while others believe it might be a firmware update.

However a new render showing a new Oppo model could shine some light on what is going to be announced. The render shows red, green, yellow and blue Oppo Find 5 mini phones with a tiny 3.7-inch 720p display.

Although we have no firm evidence that Oppo are planning to launch a shrunk down Find 5, the idea does sound plausible especially with the increased interested in smaller screened phones.

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