Update: Pomp W89 quad-core MT6589 phone with 4.7-inch display costs just $143.99

Update: Pomp W89 quad-core MT6589 phone with 4.7-inch display costs just $143.99


UPDATE: Banggood have decided to lower the price of the Pomp W89 to just $143.99! Chinese phone maker Pomp launches the quad-core Pomp W89 Internationally at just $169.99 $143.99!

For the first half of this year it was starting to look like only Chinese customers would be able to pick up a quad-core MT6589 phone at the ‘magic’ 1000 Yuan ($160) price point, but patience is a virtue and now international prices are dropping too!

The Pomp W89 was one of many MT6589 phones which can be bought for $169.99 or less. The phone sports a 1.2Ghz quad-core MT6589 processor, 1GB RAM, large 4.7-inch display, dual-sim support and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.

pomp w89 antutu

The low cost and larger than average display has meant that Pomp can only spec a 5 mega-pixel rear camera and 480 x 854 display, but this actually has the knock on effect of giving the phone better performance with Antutu benchmarks reaching over 14,000 points!

Another nice feature is that Pomp ship the phone with 2 x 2050mAh batteries and even a multi-lingual user manual, which is pretty rare for a Chinese Android smartphone!

You can buy the Pomp W89 from Banggood at a new lower price of just $143.99!

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  • boris

    And what about JXD 200 (Quad C, 512MB, 5″ – 100$)… write some review about super cheap china phones and is there any point to buy one of them?

  • Jan Bouvrie

    And, again, yet another surfacing of a phone with no definitive word on supported features, i.e. 1080p video recording, MHL, OTG, etc.

    It uses the MT6589 chipset (same as JiaYu G4), but that probably does not imply that it sports all the functionality as described on http://www.mediatek.com/_en/promotion/MT6589_overview.php .

    • Remco

      Ofcourse it doesn’t support MHL, HDMI, OR 1080P video recording.
      But hey, its cheap!

  • Wahed Mangal

    Nice price. Don’t really care about the low resolution since the screen size is only 4.7 inches.. Where can I buy this?

  • pa5t1s

    BTW, “W89” seems to be the denomination of an OEM board; i’ve seen already 2 or 3 other phones built on the “system” (only the case differs):
    SunnyCube W89 -> http_//www_android-inside_com/w89-5-inch-hd-screen-quad-core-13mp-android-phone-white.html
    WEIHUAJI -> http_//www_etotalk_com/weihuaji-w89-android42-quad-core-12ghz-dual-sim-50-inch-hd-80mp_p3869.html

  • sam (@nirvanaman_1985)

    nice price, shame it isn’t 720p though with a screen as large as that.

  • Dimas

    And what about Pomp W99 (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Pomp-W99-2GB-Ram-32GB-ROM-Quad-core-mobile-phone-5-HD-Android-4-2-cellphone/1042840820.html)?
    It’s a 2GB RAM/32GB ROM, 5″ HD and 2000mAh battery.
    Can I trust in the Pomp quality and infos?

    • tweetycontrabajo

      wow, that is interesting! waiting for a review of tghe W99

  • John Wilkins

    I love the W89 but has one bug, the call volume is at least half the video playing volume, I have hearing loss so have to use a bluetooth earpiece to hear calls, everything else is Great.

  • Yeoman

    I encounter problem with this phone which I just bought on-line. Others cannot hear me talking on incoming/outgoing call. Even when I shouted on the mic hole, still hardly heard from the other party. Also there’s buzz noise occured when I speak. Talking on sound recorder also result the same issue. Unsure whether this is a software/hardawre issue. Anyone encounter same problem with me, any idea how to fix it?

  • where can i find the user’s guide or manual for the pomp w89?

  • Brian

    Generally quite happy with it, with the exceptions of the otg doesn’t work, and the bluetooth is quite fussy with regard to what it will pair with.