Oppo Camera in development to rival the Samsung Galaxy Camera

A leaked photo taken at an internal Oppo presentation gives us a few details of a new Oppo camera, one to rival the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

We’re not sure how far ahead development of the Oppo Camera (Oppo Find Camera?) is but what we do know from the leaked photo is that the body will have an “innovative” design, white the camera sensor itself will be “high resolution”. use a low-light “owl” image sensor and have a fast shutter speed.

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There is also mention of remote support meaning that you will likely be able to take control of the Oppo camera with your Find 5, and also suggests that the camera itself will be an Android based device!

What do you think of an Oppo Find Camera? Do you want to see more Android based camera alternatives?

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  1. PeterP
    July 4, 2013

    OR… maybe you hold a hand grip shaped sensor/flash/battery combination which bluetooths itself to the phone without screen, in fact any phone. Make it a watch/ring/bracelet, clip to glasses/slide back into phone phonepad like.
    Or did I just invent a completely new market segment 🙂
    Certainly makes taking photos easier, might be easy to lose if not tethered.

  2. PeterP
    July 4, 2013

    or slot back into device. wish g.c. would edit comments.