Eyes on with the iMove S700, motion controlled Android smart TV box and games console

Shanghai based iMove had their iMove S700 home entertainment system on display at Sino CES and we went eyes on.

The games console business has been a tricky one over the past few years in China due to the government banning them! This hasn’t stopped companies based in China developing them though, they have just had to bundle them with so many features that those handing out the licenses aren’t exactly sure what they are!

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The iMove S700 is a great example of this! Although most of the demonstrations at Sino CES had people jumping around stages to dance games or physical Fruit Ninja, the little Wii-like box packs much more.

iMove are marketing the S700 as an Android TV box, media hub which can stream contact from phones and tablets, and education device, family exercise equipment and even a business tool!

The S700 is on sale through online outlets such as Amazon here in China at the rather high price of 2899 Yuan ($471)

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  1. tweetycontrabajo
    July 12, 2013

    Very interesting, but the PS4 is cheaper.

    • Airyl
      July 13, 2013

      Ps4 is banned in China if I’m not wrong, so if they are going to be playing any games on a console, they’re going to have to pay a shit ton for this thing. Doesn’t seem fair to me.