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At the Games Developer Summit, in a virtual event, Google has announced Stadia Makers, a proposal to bring more titles of independent cut to its …

snail obox

Known to be one of the slower animals on the planet, the Snail has now lent its name to a new Android console hardware maker from China.

xiaomi gaming

After the release of the Mi Note, Mi Headphone, and Mi Box Mini, you would think that Xiaomi would take a timeout, but no! Another product has now been hinted for a 20th Januruay launch!


Allwinner have announced a new processor designed specifically for gaming consoles and Android TV boxes.

antvr tech in asia

Chinese start-up ANTVR has managed to raise $260,000 to produce its own Oculus Rift rival.

tcl t2 games console

It was only a few months ago that China lifted it’s games console ban, but already we have seen plenty of Android based devices launch in China. TCL are the latest to jump on board with their own TCL T2 Android gaming device.

Specifications of the previously leaked ZTE FunBox have surfaced, promising great performance thanks to a powerful SoC in the NVIDIA Tegra 4.

Chinese handheld console maker JXD have taken their knowledge of Android gamepads and integrated full phone specifications in the all new JXD Venus S5800.

Android game systems are growing in popularly this year and even Chinese giant Huawei have a model on offer, but it was the Ouya that started it all which can now be bought as a 16GB device,

Now that China has lifted the 13 year game console ban Chinese companies aren’t wasting any time launching new products to the virgin gamer market.

Hot on the heels of news that China has lifted it’s games console ban, Huawei have shown off their very own Android gaming system named the Huawei Tron.

Chinese tablet maker JXD combines a tablet, handheld games console and Android smartphone in to one with the JXD S5800.

After announcing the Xiaomi Mi3, Lei Jun went on to launch the 47-inch Xiaomi Android TV at an amazing $490!

Very exciting news Xiaomi fans! Insiders at the company have revealed Xiaomi could launch a new Android based gaming platform.

Eyes on with the iMove S700, motion controlled Android smart TV box and games console

It seems Chinese electronics companies are in the Christmas spirit, and every brand worth their salt are launching their “must-have” products during December! 80’s console …

Gaming on Android tablets is a lot of fun and also much cheaper than buying a traditional games console, so wouldn’t it be great if …

  Lenovo have had it’s motion controlled home games console in development for years! The actual console itself has been delayed by a year already …

Lenovo are on track to launch their eBox home games console next month, actually on track may be the wrong choice of words as the …

If you are anything like me you might occasionally enjoy drifting back off to the early 90’s and enjoy a bit of nostalgia by playing …