China launches its own “Oculus Rift” thanks to Kickstarter

antvr tech in asia

Chinese start-up ANTVR has managed to raise $260,000 to produce its own Oculus Rift rival.

The “All in one universal virtual reality kit” might not have the same cool ring to it as the Oculus Rift, but as a device it looks like the closest China has got to rival the VR gear.

Current versions of the ANTVR are designed with an “Asian fit”, but the Beijing based company is currently working on bringing their virtual reality headset to US customers in September this year, with a China release later in the year.

Once on sale the ANTVR could cost as little as $300 and will be compatible with all current games consoles. In comparison the Oculus Rift costs $350 but is already on sale and building a development base, an area the ANTVR will have some catching up to do.

Would you be interested in picking up the ANTVR once it goes on sale?

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