Details of China’s first Steam Box exposed

Now that China has lifted the 13 year game console ban Chinese companies aren’t wasting any time launching new products to the virgin gamer market.

We have already seen that Huawei plan to launch an Android based gaming device and Sony are likely to launch the Playstation here at one some point this year too, however there will soon be a 3rd option in the shape of China’s first ever Steam box!

The Shimmei Steam Box which has been given the familiar name “Family Computer” is currently doing the rounds on Chinese tech sites. As is the norm with these earlier leaks, full details have not been exposed but it is believed the Shimmei with have a an 8-core AMD processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM 500GB of memory split between a traditional drive and SSD.

Analysts also believe that Lenovo could be working on a Steam Box to launch in the Chinese Mainland too.

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