Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 Has More Details Listed Online

If you recall, Nintendo released the first Switch back in March of 2017. While the company released the Lite and OLED variants of the handheld console, we have yet to see a proper successor. Given the age of the first-generation device and how heated up the gaming handheld market has become, the Switch 2 might just be on the horizon.

According to different reputed sources, the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to launch in Q1¬†of¬†next year.¬†We are already in Q2 of this year, so if the rumored data is accurate, it means the gaming handheld isn’t that far.¬†But for those who are expecting a¬†big¬†generational leap, there’s a piece of bad news. As for the hardware,¬†it seems that¬†the upcoming gaming handheld won’t bring a¬†big leap, according to the rumors. However, a new report suggests¬†we will see a design change.¬†

Disclaimer: It is worth noting that the Nintendo Switch 2 specs are still based on rumors or reports. Therefore, you should take the info with a pinch of salt. Nintendo is yet to bring official details regarding the specifications of the Switch 2.

It Seems Nintendo Switch 2 Might Come with a Nvidia Chip Again

The Nintendo Switch 2 will likely use a new Nvidia chip. It will be a newer chip than the aged Nvidia Tegra X1 in the current Switch. There’s a¬†small¬†chance it could use a chip from AMD, but Nvidia seems more likely. While the exact power is unknown, leaks suggest it might not be as powerful as the newest PlayStation or Xbox.

Nintendo Switch OLED gaming console

Earlier rumors mentioned a¬†stronger chip for the dock to boost TV graphics, but those rumors¬†seem to¬†have faded.¬†Storage could get an upgrade, with some leaks suggesting up to 512GB compared to the current Switch’s max of 64GB. The Switch 2 might keep the same screen technology as the current Switch OLED, which is good. But it would be even better if the screen refreshed faster, like some high-end phones. There are no rumors about a faster refresh rate yet, but we’re hoping for it.

Nintendo Switch OLED

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Here’s the not-so-good news: some rumors suggest the Switch 2 might use a cheaper LCD screen instead of OLED. This¬†could mean the picture quality wouldn’t be as good as the Switch OLED.¬†There is a chance this rumor isn’t true, but we’re¬†a bit¬†worried.

About the New Report on the Design

Chinese manufacturer Mobopad has added an image of the Nintendo Switch 2 (attached below). It shows rounded edges, interestingly mirroring a design Nintendo previously patented. This¬†could be a hint of the Switch 2’s visual direction.

Nintendo Switch 2
Image source: Mobopad

There appears to be good news for existing Switch owners. The Nintendo Switch 2 should be fully compatible with controllers and games in both physical and digital form. This means you can easily use the Pro Controller and Joy-Con. The HD rumble features should also be present. However, due to a new horizontal magnetic docking system, connecting the Joy-Con to the console in handheld mode might not be possible.

The new Joy-Cons are rumored to sport upgraded metal SL and SR buttons. There might also be new buttons on both sides and a mysterious new button located below the HOME button. The function of this new button remains unknown.

As for the dock, it should still feature a USB-C port.¬†However, Mobopad suggests¬†that¬†a metal bracket will be added¬†for better angle adjustment.¬†The screen¬†is expected¬†to be slightly larger and support 1080p resolution in handheld mode. Docked, the Switch 2 might reach up to 4K thanks to Nvidia’s DLSS technology.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch 2 seems to be shaping up as a more powerful and refined version of the original console. At least the current reports are suggesting that it will not be a revolutionary leap. But of course, you should take all these reports with a grain of salt, as nothing is confirmed unless Nintendo announces the handheld.

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