Top Five Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games To Consider In 2023

Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games

Let’s talk about games, shall we? The gaming industry has now become one robust and booming sector. Gaming has become part of almost everyone’s life. I always say that the children who used to play games yesterday have grown to be the gamers of today. This is why gaming does not seem to have any limit.

The gaming industry has grown to the point that it now determines the direction that console makers such as Sony and Microsoft should go. The PC world is also not left out.

Talking of game consoles, we now have a lot of them to choose from and the numbers does not seem to slow down. This clearly shows how big the gaming industry has become. Everyone is trying to get their own cut and it is quite understandable.

PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Lead The Console Market

In as much as we have a lot of game consoles on the market, the big names will always remain big. Taking a chunk of the market share year after year, at least for the time being. Big names such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have been leaders for years now and they still lead.

The PlayStation however occupies most of the space on the pie chart making it the most popular gaming console on the planet. Sony have their in-house developed games for the PlayStation, and you can also say the same for the rest such as Nintendo and Xbox.

On the other hand, we also have third-party developers that develop games for these gaming platforms. As the market leader, most third-party developers consider creating games for the PlayStation than the rest. For this reason, we will focus on the PlayStation games for now.

So, we have compiled our top five adventure games for the year 2022. There are dozens of adventure games out there, for the PlayStation 5 gaming console especially. So many people around the world have their own preferences in the adventure gaming world. This is because adventure games are mostly about stories. You need to understand the story very well in order to complete the game.

However, there are some games that are quite popular around the world. This is because of the excellent graphics in the gameplay, how interesting the storyline is, as well as how the gameplay itself was built. Gamers love to discuss a lot about games that they enjoyed playing, and of course those that they didn’t really enjoy.

Whatever experience they had in playing any game, they mostly love to discuss it with their fellow gamers. Good experience usually leads to recommendations which then go the long way in building the popularity of that game.

Our top five compilation has to do with how much the games have improved in graphics as well as ray tracing, how popular is the game on the PlayStation platform, our own gameplay experience and how much we found the storyline interesting.

5th Position (Top 5 Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games) – Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games

Coming at fifth position is Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate edition. This isn’t the old Spider-Man game that we are all used to. This is a PlayStation exclusive version of Spider-Man from Marvel. It is a completely different experience from the old one.

The story has to do with young Miles Morales who had to save his city. He got bitten by his own genetically developed Oscorp spider making him develop unique powers. Peter Parker then became his friend, mentor and trainer. Miles who became the new Spider-Man had to protect his city from destruction.

This game comes with improved framerates screen resolution and ray tracing. You have the option to play this game in 4K/60fps without ray-tracing or 1080p/60fps with ray-tracing. With better graphics, faster loading time and a very interesting story. Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition is clearly one of the best PlayStation 5 adventure games of the year 2022. It will also lead on to next year and beyond. So, you may want to check it out if you are looking for an adventure game that meets all the requirements.

4th Position (Top 5 Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games) – Last Of Us last of us

Originally, Last Of Us and its sequel were made for the PS3 and the PS4 respectively. The original edition first came out in 2013. In 2022, we have a complete remake for the PlayStation 5. The PS5 edition comes with improved visuals and massive upgrade to character models and environments. It also gives you the chance to enjoy 4K visuals as well as up to 120fps.

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In 2020, the developer came out with The Last Of Us Part II. This followed with a patch which unlocks 60fps gameplay for the PS5. No further update came since the game already looked very good on the PS4. The PS5 has however become the best platform to enjoy the game.

The game comes with a post-pandemic adventure story of Joel and Ellie. They have to survive a terrifying city full of Zombies and other humans who are after their blood. As a gamer, you don’t have enough resources to survive. So, it is your duty to manage your resources and make sure each shot counts. At times you need to sneak your way around in order escape from tight spots.

Both games, The Last of Us Part I and Part II have excellent story lines that will put you through intense feeling, violence and emotions. A very interesting journey that you may want to travel on several occasions.

3rd Position (Top 5 Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games) – Elden Ring Eldin Ring

It is not much of a surprise that Elden Ring won the game of the year award at From the storyline, graphics, animations and environment, Elden Ring is truly a beautiful adventure to embark on.

Your duty is to unravel the mysterious powers of the Elena Ring to become the Elden Lord. This game allows you to customize your own game character and practice with your weapons and power. You also get to play online with your friends in trying to achieve the same mission.

Elden Ring gives you a true adventure experience like no other. You can embark on your journey on foot or ride on a horseback within the grassy plains, swamps and mountains.

Another good thing about Elden Ring also has to do with cross-platform support. This game is currently available on PlayStation and Xbox Series X and S.

2nd Position (Top 5 Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games) – Horizon Forbidden West Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games

Forbidden West is an adventure game you really want to try it out whether you are a gamer or not. It is a game that doesn’t just come with breathtaking visuals. It also opens up your mind to an interesting and engaging story. Unlike other adventure games that leaves you lonely throughout, Horizon Forbidden West lets you engage with different characters throughout the game play.

With excellent graphics, visual effect, environment and a life touching storyline, you just cannot get bored or tired playing this game. It is a war against dangerous machines that threatens the earth. Different machines come with their own means of getting destroyed. And you need to figure out how to destroy them before they destroy you first.

In a game like this, you cannot afford to lose focus or blink. It is a fully engaging game that is also full of intensity. At the end of it all, you feel very fulfilled for completing the task. But guess what? You would love to go again.

1st Position (Top 5 Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games) God of War: Ragnarök Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games

God of War Ragnarök is our Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Game of the year. Some may agree with me on this, but I know others may also disagree on this. The edition of this game that was released in 2018 was already one of the best. But God of War Ragnarök is in a league of its own. Right from the start to the end, you could see that a lot has really gone into improving this game to become what it is today.

It is the true definition of how a true adventure game should look and feel. It is like a life that you live in the game. In this game, Kratos and his son Atreus embark on a journey full of danger and life-threatening challenges.

Nothing even comes close to the combats in Ragnarök. Once you get into the groove and power up Kratos, you feel like a god. You also meet different kind of enemies in different sizes. The smaller, bigger and those that look impossible to destroy. This game actually entails a lot, from details, environments and more side quests that you can visit. On the PS5, it gives you the option to choose between 4K resolution or higher frame rates up to 120Hz, that is if your TV can support it.

These are our top 5 best adventure games on PlayStation 5 for the year 2022. And there is no sign that they cannot be the top games in 2023. Apart from our own experience with these games, we also considered other reviews and opinions before putting up this list. As a reader, do you agree that these are the best adventure games on PS5? You can also share your own opinion in the comment whether you agree or you have your own ranking.


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