Mediatek to launch lower cost MT6582 quad-core chipset

Mediatek to launch lower cost MT6582 quad-core chipset


Thanks to Mediatek’s low-cost quad-core MT6589 processor, Chinese quad-core phones are dropping toward the $100 mark, but they could get cheaper still with the introduction of the new MT6582.

Like the current quad-core MT6589 and MT6589T chipsets the new MT6582 will be a quad-core processor based on 4 energy efficient Cortex A7 cores and a PowerVR SGX544Mp GPU. Unlike the other chipsets though this new solution will be aimed at a lower price point and will be designed to power lower specification phones.

Mediatek will be launch a standard MT6582 clocked at 1.3Ghz which will be designed to power 720p display, support 8-13 mega-pixel cameos, Bluetooth 4.0 and have all the standard smartphone antennas (WIFI, 3G GPS). An entry level model named the MT6582M will also be available but will only support QHD displays.

Mediatek’s line up of chipsets will continue to grow throughout the year with the introduction of their first 4G LTE chip (MT6290) and the worlds first true 8-core processor (MT6592).

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  • yash khatri

    So what’s the difference. In this and the 6589 also from mediatek

    • The MT6589 can drive a 1920 x 1080 display this chip cannot. There are possibly other differences to but we won’t know for sure until we get all the official details

      • DINO

        Thats plain idiotic move.
        why reinvent the wheel when 6589 exists?
        Price it lower.That soc Hasnt got steam to Run FullHD.
        Turbo is better for HD.
        Unless they have some other intentions to increase their product depth and profits.
        Its a headache keeping track of all these find a custom ROM
        and battery performance.

        • Sairem

          6582 has only 512KB L2 cache as compared to 1MB in 6589

  • yash khatri

    So what’s the difference. In this and the 6589 also from mediatek just clearify

  • Harald


  • Ashutosh

    It means mediatech is thinking 6582 will be enough for 720 displays?

  • akash

    gpu details?

    • vaibhav

      power vr 544mp 286mhz same as 6589

  • Henrik

    Perhaps with this new Mediatek chip the GPS issues reported by many MTK6589 users will be eliminated?

  • sam (@nirvanaman_1985)

    This is good news, the phones with 6589 are still pretty expensive, $145 is about the cheapest you can get from online retailers. I just wish they would release source code for their chips so people can make custom roms.

  • Benny

    I’d argue how much lower can the cost of the SOC be in comparison to its bigger brother, the MTK6589(T). Realistically they recently upgraded most of the manufacturers orders from the 1.2 to the 1.5 Turbo for nil cost that was passed back to the customers as a benefit.

    Take an example of the THL W200 into mind for a phone that is around $160 at discount. Minus the postage and margins of the web retailer, and the floor cost of the phone is around $100 to manufacture. Then take away the other costly items such as the 720p Screen, storage, RAM, batteries, connectors and the overall manufacturing costs, the CPU/SOC will be no more than $20 if that. By bulk, would be $15. Dropping a cheap model of the MTK6852 into the picture at $5 less than its bigger brother is not really anything to brag about.

    Its not exactly an Intel CPU where its hundreds of dollars – the existing is already low enough. The only optimisations that can be had from this is if they decide to integrate even more things onto the die for a greater cost reduction.

  • Tim

    With these Mediatek chips, as most configurations have 3g on Sim 1 and only gsm on sim 2, Can you be on a phone call using Sim 2 while at the same time have an active data connection on 3g on Sim 1 (like tethering your phone)?

  • Camaman

    New manufacturing process. I guess they will diferentiate their line up and make 6582 a 720p efficient cpu for longer battery life. Others will be LTE enabled an a top model for power hungry applications and tablets…

  • Nekromantik

    Its not true. The GPU is Mali 400 MP 😉 Also the 6582 outscores the 89 easily and even the 6589T in Antutu. 🙂 Asphalt 8 working great on it.