UMi Mini renders appears, but what exactly is it?

Earlier this year we posted a roadmap showing what UMI planned to launch this year. One of the proposed devices was the UMi mini, well there is the first render, but what exactly is it?

When we first saw the UMi Mini we assumed that it was going to be a smaller UMi phone model which would cater for those who aren’t fans of large displays. Well that is one possibility, but there are also other suggestions as to what the Umi Mini will be.

In a post on the official UMi forums, members have been shown a render of the UMi Mini and asked to use their imaginations to guess as to what it will be, what features it should have and even the material it should be made from!

Some of the possible options include a battery pack, long standby phone, and even an media player. From the render all we can see is the rear of the device which shows the ‘Mini’ name CE marks and a large ring toward the top of the body. There is no visible rear camera or LED flash, and the body appears to be rather thick and extremely rounded.

So what could it be? Let us know what you think in comments below.

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