Xiaomi Red Rice to have dual SIM support and SD card expansion!

Xiaomi Red Rice to have dual SIM support and SD card expansion!


The Xiaomi Red Rice has had more than it’s fair share of leaks and spy photos and now finally we could be heading near an actual launch date!

The following slides come from what Chinese tech sites are claiming to be the launch of the Xiaomi Red Rice. Although an official date still hasn’t been brought forward some believe that the new entry-level Xiaomi might on sale before the end of this month!

Xiaomi Red Rice Specifications

xiaomi red rice specifications

xiaomi red rice specifications

xiaomi red rice specifications

So how about the specifications? Well it appears that things haven’t changed much since early reports. From these slides we can see the Red Rice will run 1.5Ghz quad-core processor (likely an MT6589T) 1GB RAM and 4GB memory. The display is a 4.7-inch 720 panel making the Red Rice the largest Xiaomi to date cameras are 8 mega-pixel rear and 1.3 mega-pixel front!

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The most exciting pieces of the Xiaomi Red Rice puzzle though are the fact the slides tell us that it will support dual SIM standby and offer SD memory card expansion for up to 32GB cards!

xiaomi red rice specifications

Pricing will be 999 Yuan ($160) for those of use living in China, which is quite a bargain for such a well spec’d phone!

With the entry-level Red Rice receiving SD card expansion does this mean the flagship Xiaomi Mi3 will also get the same treatment?

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  • Harald


  • cpaun

    I think it’s impossible for a 4.7″ phone to have those dimensions.

    • Ronald

      It is only half a mm narrower then the Jiayu G4 which also has a 4.7″ screen. I don’t see an issue there.

      • cpaun

        Ok let’s say highly unlikely not “impossible” 🙂 A 4.7″ screen (assuming it’s a 16/9 screen indeed) has aprox 104×58.5mm. Let’s forget about the width, it’s possible for Red Rice to have 3mm bezels but for the height of the phone to be 125mm it would mean only 1 cm above + 1 cm below the screen. That would leave virtually no room for capacitive keys and from the pictures above the space below the screen it’s pretty big and has capacitive keys.
        Maybe it’s not a 16/9 screen…

  • qidamin

    will it be TDCDMA or WCDMA?

  • liljohn

    yes! miscrosd slot for mi3! finally! +4000mah!

  • liljohn

    i wonder, if mi3 use snapdragon 800, what updgrade will the mi3s get? intel merrifield?

  • Simon

    At the moment, it sounds like this is the Xiaomi smartphone to choose.

  • JLCD

    But only TD-SCDMA?

  • Mr.BlackWolff

    battery not enough…2000 not enough…3000 is good I think.

  • 2000mA on the mt6589 is enough, my phone lasts easily a couple of days of normale use, one day of intensive use with 5-6hrs screen time.

  • Andrju

    160 usd? LAUGHT …

  • Mark

    So aside for the smaller battery, this rivals the Jiayu g4 basic.

  • jotapelessa


  • ZecaMarol

    Positive aspects:
    Dual sim
    Accept SD card.

    Negative aspects:,
    low RAM, only 1Gb. The ideal would be 2Gb.
    low ROM, only 4Gb. The ideal would be 16 or 32Gb.
    Battery 2000 mAh. The ideal would be 3000 mAh or over this.

    • For a 999Yuan phone it’s a solid spec

      • Espresso

        I agree,
        I seems just like the phone for me. It’s just the largest size I think is acceptable for me to drag around.

  • Mark

    $160 is the same price as the G4 advanced in China. Are we likely to see the massive mark up in price which the G4 advanced has had? It’s currently $305 from spemall so thats an increase of $140.

    Xiaomi build quality better than Jiayu?

    • Well the current MI2s is $280 in China and about $340 from international resellers. So there is a mark up but not as much. It all depends on the supply and demand though. Xiaomi devices are usually very hard to buy at launch.

      • Mark

        Cheers for the info Andi. Thats only a $60 mark up, so I suppose since the mark up on the G4 Advanced is $145 then the demand must be extremely high.

        Perhaps we will see a price drop for the G4 advanced once the initial flurry of international sales has taken place.

  • Mauri

    Hey, on the Xiaomi web site the dimensions of the Red Rice are 137x69x9.9 mm, and the weight is 158g: http://www.xiaomi.com/hongmi

    Really a big difference from what is reported on that slides. Too bad this phone is so big, it is a no-go for me 🙁