Xiaomi Tablet tech sheet shows Tegra 3 processor and 13 mega-pixel camera

Xiaomi Tablet tech sheet shows Tegra 3 processor and 13 mega-pixel camera


August 16th approaches and as any self-respecting Xiaomi fan will know that is the date Xiaomi are expected to launch a bunch of great products including the Xiaomi tablet.

As with all future Xiaomi products, rumours have been piling up regarding the Xiaomi tablet from built-in 3G, 7-inch displays, MTK processors and now even a Tegra 3 chip.

xiaomi tablet leak tegra 3 processor

Todays details come by way of rather dubious looking specification slides and images, which we aren’t entirely sure a genuine. Anyway were as excited as most about the possibility of the Mipad and find the hardware details quite interesting.

Just as with all the other rumours these specs show a 7-inch 720p display, built-in 3G packed in to a iPad mini styled ultra-portable mini tablet. Earlier reports suggested that the Xiaomi tablet would run on a Mediatek MT8125 chip however these details tell of a 1.2Ghz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB memory. To top it all off a 13 mega-pixel rear camera acts as the main camera.

The Xiaomi tablet is thought to cost 999 Yuan ($160) when it goes on sale in China and will likely launch around the same time as the Xiaomi Red Rice we reported on earlier and the Xiaomi Mi3.

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  • wurstt

    Even the chinese Tablet-SoCs perform better (even in Gaming) than Tegra 3: RK3188 and Allwinner A31. Tegra 3 is old stuff.

  • Gabbo

    Waiting for real specs on 16th august, i’m gonna buy one of them if the price from resellers won’t be similar as the new Nexus 7 and if it’ll come with a good battery.

  • Jason

    A new Nexus 7 tablet is coming very soon (announced today or tomorrow I believe). The old Nexus 7 with Tegra 3 processor could become even cheaper with warranty.

  • liljohn

    add more value to this mipad, call n sms enabled, its the trend nowadays! galtab, asus fonepad, huawei mediapad youth n vogue, n next mipad?

  • liljohn

    microdsd slot? battery capacity?

    • Not sure about SD but the battery is said to be a 4000mAh

      • liljohn

        is xiaomi going to release a baytrail powered tablet? any news? if yes i prefer to wait….

  • Dandmcd

    Shipping with a Tegra 3 would be a tragic failure. Nvidia can hype up their product all they want, but the fact is it never performs very well compared to anything from Samsung or Qualcomm. Benchmarks mean nothing, because Nvidia designed their chip to run well while gaming, but on basic tasks like swiping, transitioning between apps, and playback it trips and falls everytime and can’t handle multitasking.

  • liljohn

    8″ screen please (with 200++ ppi), 5000mah battery (same like asus memopad hd 7)

  • Camaman

    8″ would be better but no matter.
    Now a 10″ version and keep the 3G!

    • Louisclub

      +1, I’d like a 8inch too