MIUI V5 available for the Oppo Find 5

MIUI V5 available for the Oppo Find 5


If you can’t wait for the launch of the Xiaomi Mi3 to enjoy MIUI V5 on a large 1080 display then why not install the official MIUI ROM on your Oppo Find 5?

We missed this one by a few weeks, but it’s great news none the less. Xiaomi have launched an official build of their MIUI V5 ROM for the Oppo Find 5 giving Oppo owners yet another great choice of ROM to take a look at.

As far as we know this if the first 5-inch 1080 FHD phone to receive MIUI V5, and from the photos above it looks stunning on the Find 5’s screen.

If you fancy giving MIUI V5 a go on your Find 5 then you can download it from the MIUI forums here.

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  • totzi11

    Oppo has one big problem. Battery.
    If you install miui… bigger will be the problem jejej

    • liljohn

      is miui really a battery drainer?

      • liljohn

        i’m really looking forward for a miui based on android 5.0 keylime pie, it is said that this version of android is a revolution in android’s battery efficiency (project rodrunner), maybe miui v6?

      • Still getting 2 days on my Xiaomi mi2

        • liljohn

          thats gut enough! and it will be better with android 5.0

      • i always had miui more for saving battery, not for draining faster…

  • liljohn

    about miui especially the themes, they were designed for smaller scrren size with lower resolution compared to the upcoming mi3 which has 5″ screen n 1080p resolution, can those themes be used in mi3? will the themes maker update their themes to support 5″ n 1080p?

  • chris

    hello everybody pleas somme body can telle just if it is possible ????? and where i can find????
    1. i dowload miu V5 for note 2 but my phone is star s7589 can i edit miu v5 for my phone?? is it possible???? where can i find tutorial ????

    • Not sure that there is a MIUI ROM for your phone but you can always just download MIUI Home which is the official launcher