$60 7-inch pink tablet is perfect for your better half

$60 7-inch pink tablet is perfect for your better half


Sometimes our loved ones don’t share our enthusiasm for the latest 8-core processors, 1080 display and OpenGL Android updates, so how can we share our love for gadgets with the love of our life?

Well I have always found that buying your other half a new device is a great way to get them involved in your hobby. First of all you will get to go though all the great features and help to set the tablet up and best of all you get a new device to play with under the pretence that it’s a ‘gift’!

7-inch pink tablet

Chinese reseller DinoBulk are offering this 7-inch pink Android tablet at a special $60.69 price to GizChina readers. The tablet features an 1Ghz Allwinner CPU, 512MB RAM, front facing camera and micro SD card slot.

Anyone wanting to get to get this special price should contact Ellen Mou:

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  • Espresso
  • Mr.BlackWolff

    “Sometimes our loved ones don’t share”………………….
    Ehhhhhh ??? Loved one ???
    No no no 😀 😀 😀

  • ne-yo-gabba-gabba-hey

    come on now, gizchina. don’t play into the same old stereotypes about male techies with “better halves” who want pink stuff. there are guys out there who want pink tablets and there are women who want crazy octa-core processors.

    this is a great deal and you don’t have to pander to sell it!

    • panther

      If u r a guy…feel free to run around with a pink tablet. hope you have also a nice little cute bag. if u r a girl, u can also feel free to run around like a truck driver. but just because u have a light disorientation about genders and what most people just by nature do…please make it not to our problem. go back in your strange little gender study society’s and play there and dont bother people which accept nature as it is. and if u have still a feeling to bother someone with it, drive to next zoo and start the discussion with a group of female lions. we will wait for your report!

      and tablet is a nice funny idea andi 😀

      • Robin Hood

        It pretty clear that you do not understand nature as it is.
        Male flamingos are pink too. There is a lot of homosexuality among animals(especially monkeys). Don’t know where you from, but I do know this: Stupid is as stupid does my friend. Think before you act.

        Now on topic, I bought my girlfriend a Xiaomi M1S and she loves it ^^

        • Robin Hood

          Wouldn’t buy her no plastic barbie quality tablet lol.

      • ne-yo-gabba-gabba-hey

        you had me at “nature,” stud.

  • Zhai

    Under pretense that it’s a gift? More like a research material for reviewing purpose.

    Our kind have no loved ones to share gadgets with.
    Our loved ones IS the gadgets themselves 😀

    • haha

    • panther

      Word! 😀

  • Mr. Despair

    It’s a TRAP!!! Q88 brandless tablet!