Xiaomi and Meizu go head to head in price war

Xiaomi and Meizu go head to head in price war


Meizu have declared a price was against Xiaomi by lowering prices of their current phones! Xiaomi have retaliated with their own price drop! Who will win?

Late last week Meizu announced a huge price cut on all current Meizu MX2 models! The price cut brought the base model 16GB MX2 down from 2299 Yuan to 1999 Yuan, the 32GB from 2799 Yuan to 2399 Yuan and the flagship 64GB to 3299 Yuan. Meizu fans who still have the original M8 can also redeem an additional discount of 400 Yuan bringing MX2 prices down to the level of the Xiaomi M2S!

Of course Xiaomi, with the successful launch of the Red Rice just weeks behind them, weren’t going to sit back and let Meizu steal this weeks headlines and have retaliated by reducing prices of almost every Xiaomi handset available!

The Xiaomi range now starts at just 799 Yuan for the newly launched 1.5Ghz Red Rice with the flagship 32GB Xiaomi M2S which boasts a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and Snapdragon 600 processor for only 2009 Yuan!

Xiaomi VS Meizu Price War

MX2 16GBMX2 32GB MX2 64GBRed RiceM1sM2s 16GBM2s 32GB
Quad-core ExynosQuad-core ExynosQuad-core ExynosQuad Core 1.5 MT6589TDual-coreQuad-core 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600Quad-core 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600
4.4-inch display4.4-inch display4.4-inch display4.7-inch display4-inch display4.3-inch display4.3-inch display
1999 Yuan ($320)2399 Yuan ($391)3299 Yuan ($538)799 Yuan ($130)1099 Yuan ($179)1599 Yuan ($260)2009 Yuan ($327)

The rest of the Xiaomi range has also seen discounts too with the Xiaomi 1S now on sale for only 1099 Yuan, and 16GB Xiaomi M2S for 1599 Yuan.

These price drops are likely to continue too with both Meizu and Xiaomi expected to launch their next generation phones out over the next few months! So who is going to win the price war? Xiaomi or Meizu?

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  • Jogo

    i want Xia

  • GKako

    Xiaomi for the win!

  • Jason

    The consumers don’t mind about lower prices, the more the better. Let the price war continue

  • DN

    I want Xiaomi in Portuguese.

  • Job_CF

    This is bound to to pressure on other manufacturers such as JiaY and Zopo

    • Konged

      This should cause a price drop in the MTK based manufacturer’s upper end as the only thing is the 5 inch + screen, 1920 display. With xiaomi now putting a 6589t device for 800 yuan that’s another downward price pressure. Good news for consumers

  • liljohn

    the customers win!!!

    • Rolf Janssen

      Totally haha, noone gets as much profit as the customers

  • I think now the m1s is a better choice than the mtk phones unless you need a big screen.
    And it is the last with sd card support, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Dani

    When does this prices will arrive to hong knong?

    By the way, anyone knows a place in Hong Kong to buy a Xiaomi phone? (not online)

  • eugen

    Liars! Official price for xiaomi Mi2S 16gb still is 1699 yuan and 32gb still is 2299 yuan!!

    • jajo666

      it’s true

    • Job_CF

      give it a few days for the price to come down.

  • guitarburner

    Now should be the move of Jiayu! I want to get the jiayu G4A cheaper! Come on!! Let’s keep the war!

  • Great Sales war 🙂
    Who can complains? Certainly not the customers !-)

  • Job_CF

    Will this price war lead to drop in quality and relibility of phones?!