More purported Xiaomi Mi3 cases leaked, offer a different view of the new design

Earlier this week we posted images and details of purported Xiaomi Mi3 silicon cases seen on online reseller sites, now another case has appeared but it suggests a slightly different design.

From all the leaks and the images we are almost %100 sure that the Mi3 will been unveiled early in September, be powered by a Tegra 4 processor, boast a 1080 display and will feature are all together more block look to previous Xiaomi designs.

Currently the only images we have seen and posted of the Xiaomi Mi3 are ones showing the front of the phone and its (rumoured) IGZO Sharp display. Images of the rear have yet to surface but the silicon cases seen here did give us a slight clue as to what the camera and rear speaker arrangement might be. Well that’s all changed now!

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Today we have these images of another Mi3 case, this time a flip style book case, but unlike the earlier silicon cases the camera location and shape is totally different! The new case shows a oblong camera LED arrangement in the top left of the phone where as the earlier photos showed us a square sensor center location.

xiaomi mi3 leaked case clear

The flip cover case isn’t the only cover to suggest this design as this clear silicon option also has a similar design. We can also just make out extremely rounded sides similar to the Nokia range of Windows phones.

So the Mi3 remains to be a hotly discussed and much-anticipated Chinese Android phone! We can’t wait to see the real thing and finally get our hands on one!

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  1. Allan
    August 15, 2013

    I hope it wont be tegra 4. It better be snapdragon 800.

    • Tadas
      August 15, 2013

      Didn’t you saw the benchmarks, where Tegra 4 smashes Snapdragon 800 ?

      • Spyros
        August 15, 2013

        I think snapdragon wins over tegra 4, but the difference isn’t huge and you can’t tell it by usage, only benchmark numbers.

    • August 16, 2013

      yeah me to no snapdragon 800 no buy .
      qualcomm has invested in xiaomi would b verry dissapointed in there s no snapdragon 800 in it.
      Was concidering the ubuntu edge but that isnt going to make it as it depends on crowdfunding.

      Then wait til the nubia z7, i want more then 2 gb ram preferably 4 and a snap dragon 800.

    • August 16, 2013

      Snapdragon 800 (The Best) or Nothing

  2. Jason
    August 15, 2013

    How about power efficiency? Tegra 4 has 4x Cortex A15, not too power efficient for simple tasks that does’t need that much power compared to Snapdragon 800.

    That’s why some companies are having a chipset that has both A15 as well as A7 cores. A7 cores handles the simple tasks.

    • Ace
      August 16, 2013

      Mediatek and their next-get tablet chipset is Dual Ctx-A7/Dual Ctx-A15. Not to mention it’s in BIG.little config which means more battery life.

      And rockchip seems to have gone for the Cortex A12 ( which is about 60% faster than A9 ) Option – it’s a new processor core with an embeded Ctx-A7 and some extras. So it’s a chipset made with BIG.little in mind.

      Now that’s all fine and dandy but what’s screwing with me is that next gen mediatek tablet chipsets make no sense other than from a marketing perspective. ( Hurr it has 8 cores that will simontaneously drain your battery, yay! )

      I seriously hope manifacturers have the sense to use the Tablet SOCs in phones, provided they have the required connectivity.

      • MooN_tm
        August 16, 2013

        big.LITTLE for the win 🙂

      • Ace
        August 16, 2013

        Phone chipsets make no sense, i meant, not tablet ones, the tablet ones are great.

  3. liljohn
    August 15, 2013

    what??? tegra4??? no way!!! please tell me its not true!!! all other brands’s flagship super smartphones powered by snapdragon 800, even the upcoming rumoured oppo find 7! if mi3 use tegra4 it will be inferior….what a let down…..

  4. Lexey
    August 16, 2013

    lol did you just woke up ??? its been few month allready , mi3 have a big chance havening tegra4 instead of snap800

    • August 16, 2013

      how come, we all heard how Nvidia didn’t wanted to work Tegra 4 with Xiaomi in the last moment and maybe that’s why the company delayed MI3..? And they turn to Snapdragon 800

  5. liljohn
    August 16, 2013

    but the recent rumor, states xiaomi and nvidia failed to have a deal….thats one of the reason the mi3 got delayed….

  6. Peter
    August 16, 2013