More blue iPhone 5C photos leaked

By the looks of all the recent leaks of the iPhone 5C, Apple haven’t just made cuts the manufacturing of the phone, but also spent much less on trying to keep it a secret!

In the past Apple’s secrecy was legend. Their devices were kept under wraps almost until the day they launched and we would gasp in surprise when Jobs would unveil the latest Apple branded gadget! Those days seem to be long behind Apple as we have seen pretty much every part of the new iPhone 5C with new leaks and hands on photos appearing every few days!

This time another blue iPhone 5C plastic shell has turned up online which some of the inner chassis installed. It doesn’t really show us anything new, and we don’t expect Cook and Co. will have much of a surprise left come the unveiling.

Are you guys interested in the iPhone 5C at all? Do you think this is the real deal or is the new iPhone still being kept secret somewhere?

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