Save almost $40 on UMi X2 Turbo and iOcean X7 Elite

Save almost $40 on UMi X2 Turbo and iOcean X7 Elite


More discount codes for savings on 2 of the most popular quad-core, 1080 Chinese phones of the year, the iOcean X7 Elite and UMi X2 Turbo.

Antelife have sent over news of their latest exclusive GizChina readers offers which can save you almost $40 when purchasing the iOcean X7 Elive, or UMi X2 Turbo.

For those of you not familiar with these phones, both offer a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, 1.5Ghz MT6589T quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB memory, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and dual SIM support.

The UMi X2 can be purchased for $283 with the discount code: gizumix22g a saving of $36.99. The iOcean X7 costs slightly less at $281 with the code: gizx7elite.

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  • exilekiller

    Andi, can you possibly get a discount on the TCL idol x anytime soon?


  • Espresso

    Oooh common Gizchina.

    In the beginning the discountcodes were great.
    The last weeks the discountcodes bring down the price from overpriced to the same level of other retailers.

    After the discountcode its the same pricebracket as other online retailers.
    Only the iOcean is way to expensive compared to FCT current price of USD235.

    If you buy at another shop just chat/email with them to get a price match. This way you can buy at the shop you prefer.

    • hamsteyr

      Are you referring to the X7 Elite for 235? I find that WAY lower than prices I’ve seen around. Comparatively said, I feel that 281 for an x7 Elite is a good price based on what I’ve seen.

    • Harald


    • boardaaa

      i have seen the cheapest price for X7 Elite is $278. 235???are you kiding??

  • Boyan

    Guys, why don’t you just let the team of Gizchina publish the discounts and do this nice effort for us? After all, it is not Gizchina selling, but Antelife, in this case. So if you are up to something, just go to their web-site and complain, not here.

    BTW, do not forget to check if a price includes delivery or not. We all have internet and can check prices here and there.

    • boardaaa

      yeah,i agree!

  • Aki

    So which one of these phones is better? I cant decide which one ill order! 😀