Xiaomi Hongmi, 50,000 phone sold out in 3 minutes 39 seconds

Xiaomi Hongmi, 50,000 phone sold out in 3 minutes 39 seconds


Not the fastest sell out every, but impressive none the less! 50,000 Xiaomi Hongmi phone sold out in just under 4 minutes!

Each time Xiaomi, or any other Chinese phone maker, reports it has sold out 10,000’s phones in just minutes is really drives home just how fast the Chinese smartphone market is growing! It’s a wonder that the market is complete saturated, which it shows no sign of being as Xiaomi have managed to sell 50,000 Hongmi today.

The Xiaomi Hongmi is a 799 Yuan ($130) quad-core Android smartphone with 8 GB memory, 1GB RAM and a Samsung 8 mega-pixel rear camera. The current version of the Hongmi is only compatible with China Mobile’s 3G network, but a new version of the phone will offer compatibility with WCDMA networks.

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  • Zhai

    Is it true about the wcdma version?

  • MichelM

    the new system of queuing up to be able to buy one is a mess.
    you can get inside the store to purchase one only if you are lucky, that explain why 50 000 pieces was sold out in more than 3 minutes.
    it took me half an hour to get inside the store and order a xiaomi m2s 16gb.

    • Store? They aren’t available in physical stores yet only online

  • kleautzak

    why not international for fucking $130..
    why are we cursed?

  • slazher

    Check on their site but there’s nothing stated about WCDMA version.

  • zaikatanox

    If the WCDMA version truly is coming, I might pick it up on my Shenzhen/HK trip next month. Quad-core phone for less than 250 bucks? Why not 🙂

  • Paul

    Hey Andi, is it possible to buy directly from xiaomi online shop and let it be shipped out of china to international customer? Any clue guys would be helpfull. MichelM are you in china or did you order outside of china?Thanks!

    • No it isnt’ sorry.

  • SuperMAG

    well, if you look at the official page, there are two sim area’s, i am not very familiar with these stuff, but there, one is TD-SDMA and one is GSM. what does that mean, does it mean we can use 3g if we put the sim in the right one (gsm).

    I live in qatar, Vodafone Qatar uses the GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / UMTS 2100 frequency bands for its network.

    so will the 3g work in my country?

    • milesandbos

      I live in New Zealand and looked at buying this phone too. In order for 3g to work on my network I also need GSM 900 and UMTS 2100 but I don’t think this phone supports the correct 2100 frequency. You’d be best to wait for the newer version (hopefully it will definitely be coming out).

  • Remco

    In another article about the Xiaomi Hongmi you stated it had a Sony camera sensor, and now it has one from Samsung?

    • It’s a Samsung