Chinese parcel courier testing UAV drones to deliver your packages!

Chinese parcel courier testing UAV drones to deliver your packages!


China is made up of tall, towering skyscrapers which for a parcel couriers must be a nightmare, but one company may have found a solution by using UAV drones.

SF courier service (probably the best courier in China) is currently testing the us of UAV devices to deliver small to medium-sized packages. The idea is that the it will save time to fly the radio control quad-copter up to the window of the customer rather than having to walk up the stairs or wait for the elevator.

china uav drone

The UAV SF are testing is a suped-up version of the more common quad-copter with 8 powerful rotor offering enough lift to carry a weighty package.

Video of China’s Courier drones

Test flights have proven that the drone is easily capable of delivering goods, however issues with the noise it creates, health and safety (reaching out of a 15 floor window to get your parcel) and obvious issues with unmanned drones flying around cities need to be addressed.

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  • KennyG this is different.

  • Manish

    Necessity is mother of inventions. So now we will see addresses not in front of the doors but also out side of windows. lol
    Laughs apart, good smart thinking…

    • anony

      Until you hear someone’s falling from 30 store building to get his package.

      This is a stupid idea.

  • Tone

    Never gonna’ happen

  • yogi

    Yes the recipient might hv to call a doctor if rotors slice his hands
    China has glass covered skyscrapers too.
    I think
    This ones for
    Repleys believe it or not

  • LinuxMint

    So, when did 4==8 happen?
    This thing has eight (8) rotors, hence it is never ever a quad (= 4) copter, but an octocopter.