Xiaomi launch wide angle and macro lens for Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S

Xiaomi launch wide angle and macro lens for Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S


Although the Xiaomi Mi3 launch is just a few day’s away, Xiaomi haven’t forgot about their current flagship phone and today have launched new lens for the rear camera.

The lens kit consists of both a wide angle lens and a macro lens for close up photography. The detachable lens come in a rubber case and attach to the Xiaomi Mi2 or Xiaomi Mi2S via magnets which fasten to the steel ring around the rear camera.

It is interesting to see that Xiaomi have launched this lens kit as it could indicate a shift towards camera and lens technology in future devices. Could the Xiaomi Mi3 feature new lens hardware like the Oppo N1?

Back to the lens kit here, it is available in China through the official Xiaomi store for just 59 Yuan ($9) and I might try to pick one up to give is a test.

[ Xiaomi ]
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  • Louisclub

    sweet! i will try to order one as soon as possible, to try on my mi2s. its just a pain to order on that chinese website when you’re not chinese

    • Louisclub

      i also want to add. for those who havent tried the mi2s camera, its really great in lowlight. its the best phone-camera i tried yet, mainly because of its lowlight ability. the aperture on its lens is F2.2, which is relatively fast for a phone (or even a digital point and shoot!)

      • Amiab

        Really??? only let down of my mi2s is rear camera. especially in low light. Plus flash doesn’t seem to work properly. I am using miuiandroid, stock app.

  • Fork

    Clever and smart:
    “attach … via magnets which fasten to the steel ring around the rear camera”
    THX Xiaomi

  • Simon

    If you had a choice of the Mi2S or the M2A at this moment which would you choose ?

    • Mi2s

      • deogan

        does that lens work on the mi2a,
        and is the mi2a easily available in China? For what price range?
        i wanted the neo n003 but instead i’ll go for the mi2a. Andi please reply this i want to ask someone to get it for me

        • No it won’t work with the mi2a. Mi2a is easily available for 1499 Yuan

          • deogan

            thank you

  • Simon

    See how much the Mi3 costs in due course and if the discount is good on the Mi2S, i’ll get that instead and wait to see what phones Xiaomi have in 12 months time (Mi4 or whatever they shall call it)

  • Just got a set of LieQi universal clip on lenses 2 days back off dx – the Macro lens is pretty handy!

    • gaurav

      the lens attachment looks like blocking the flash light
      does it ? does it create a shadow

  • Furqan

    Sweet option.
    I would just like to point out to the other avid readers that the best quality picture taken by a smartphone is as follows :
    1. The nokia lumia 1020 with a monster 41 MP.
    2. Iphone 5 – 8 MP but amazing quality.
    3. Galaxy s4 – 13MP does a great job.
    4. htc one – 4MP sounds less but its actually a Ultra pixel.
    Now dont take my word for it but check them out yourself.
    Chinese Phones have mostly been lacking in Camera. Now you see brands like Oppo and Xiaomi focusing on camera. Oppo did infact a great job on the find 5 but still was lacking somewhat. Same thing for the 2s 32gb version.
    I really wish this gap is closed.

  • Jogo

    will be there such gadgets for MI3?

  • xinjo

    I’m not sure if I have to agree with you or not since I haven’t had chance to try various android phones both branded or china’s.

    But to be honest I do feel at this moment china phones still cannot rival branded flagship phones even if they put same specs on paper (ie: same 8MP camera).
    Bigger names like Xiaomi, Huawei, or Lenovo maybe have chance to close the gap in the future since they got money to backup their research.

    Anyway guys, camera wise, I’d love to know if there is any cheap china phone out there can make good photo in low light condition?
    My budget is $250 at max.
    Or should I buy a mid-end branded phone instead?