iPhone 5S clone, GooPhone i5C specifications and hands on video

GooPhone managed to beat their previous record this year by launching an iPhone 5C clone before Apple had chance to unveil the real thing! Here are the full GooPhone i5c specifications plus hands on video.

As usual GooPhone have managed to make a 1:1 clone of the iPhone 5c. From the colourful plastic body, 4-inch display, even the Android OS with iOS 7 UI, it all looks just like the real thing.

GooPhone i5c specifications

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GooPhone i5c hands on video

Running a 1.3Ghz dual-core CPU and just 512mb RAM, the GooPhone i5c isn’t the most powerful phone at the market, but at less than $100 it is cheap!

Are knock off phones still popular or do you wish GooPhone and others could be more original?

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